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    Hey guys, new to the site. Thanks for having me! I'm looking for a set of bored out 273 pistons. 30 over preferably 60 but I'm open to options other than standard. Please help me with this if you know anyone who has 273 parts maybe even just emailing them would help me find these! Thanks so much guys.

    Peace and Love

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    Welcome to the site!! Ya might place a wanted ad in the free classifieds....


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      IIRC, bore's 3.625 stock.

      Hughes Engines supposedly has 273 pistons for a bit over $400/set and that's for cast aluminum. I guess they get them from egge, I'd check out Egge and see what they have- there's two CRs- 8.8:1 with 62cc chambers and 10.5:1 with 62cc chambers, of course that's with the OEM gaskets.

      They're high, but I don't see a cheaper alternative that you could turn the journal down to use. The only thing I can see that might be close is 262 pistons and 4.7 pistons- and I'm totally unsure about how the 4.7 stuff could be used, on top of the screwball bore that's somewhat close.
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