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Replacing lifters and maybe more on 5.7 2007 300

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  • Replacing lifters and maybe more on 5.7 2007 300

    I'm pretty sure this car has the MDS setup since it's an upscale fully loaded 300. Looking at videos, the heads need to come off and another vid shows the guy also removed the bumper grill and even the hood for easier access. The car needs tires and minor interior work plus some dent removal and not sure how many miles but I'm guessing 150k. It's also been abused by irresponsible adult children who are still living at home. One of them were driving it when it started clattering. I managed to get it to start a couple of times but it died right after and it clattered pretty good. I tried talking to him about how the engine acted but he only knows about drugs and not cars. I'm thinking this thing isn't worth fixing.....or might be cheaper in the long run to just replace the whole motor....?

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    sounds like it dropped a valve seat.....very comon if the car was overheated
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      I suppose that's entirely possible. The car is still sitting in limbo so I have no idea what all is wrong with it yet....