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  • Help with Engine Code

    Last week my check engine light came on out of the blue on my 08' Charger R/T. The car has just over 50,000 miles on it. It stayed on all day and through one tank of fuel. When I got home I filled the car up and drove 25 miles to my house with the light still on. The following day the light was off and has been ever since. Just today I finally had my son check the engine code while he was here and it showed a "lean burn on bank one".... Any one have a clue what this might be? Would the word bank imply cylinder number one - one one side of the engine?

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    Does this help?


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      Thanks Cranky.. I'm at a complete loss with these new vehicles. There were no other codes indicating any sensor problem. With nothing pointing towards a specific issues this souunds like one of those problems the dealers love to see... The article seemed to indicate that it is common to falsely assume injector realted issues with this code - but I think I'll pick up a bottle of fuel injector cleaner today for the heck of it anyway. Maybe pull the MAF out and look at it. I cleared the code the other day so I think I'll just see if it returns at this point and go from there.


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        Need a code from the ECU that will give waaaaay more info than you posted.
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