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Concepts for Cuda nothing new

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  • Concepts for Cuda nothing new

    Here's what I'm thinking......

    It's nothing new to take and concept out a name into an existing platform and augment it a bit yet still pay homage to the newer way of thinking.

    I'm thinking with all the "new chally" talk, there might be some influnences to push through.

    Thoughts, opinions? I'm thinking '71 cuda nose will make it through as well as tail-lights. Anything else? Gill fenders, definately.

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    Nice pictures of the clay bucks for the 75+ Barracuda/'cuda. You can tell they were starting to design these in late 69. Probably set up for a refresh in the 73 model year (typical then for a 3 year cycle before a chassis refresh). IIRC something happened to them, so they had pretty much decided on the new nose (last picture) for a 75 refresh.

    The other thing was Chrysler brass approved the E-body because they were told they could sell 200k units a year (100k ea Plymouth/Dodge). They did ok in 70 (~120k) but sales tanked in 71 (~65k) and never recovered.

    ^^^ "Split" car first picture.

    ^^^ Notice the 1969 Kelsey Hayes Recall wheels ^^^

    ^^^ The "split" car. Testing 2 designs on 1 clay buck.

    ^^^ Here's a pic of those two side by side, notice the recall wheels again

    ^^^ The "split" car

    ^^^ This was the actual proposed 75+ nose. Too bad by that time we had the truck turn signal lenses.
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      **heard in background** hruh hrumph, yes yes, big white board. Look perplexed, Joe.

      evidently the new chrysler products will float without wheels

      nice photochop

      this nose is not gonna fly with people old or young, imho.