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2012 Charger Redline

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  • 2012 Charger Redline

    Over 500 HP 180mph top speed.

    New Special Edition Mopars: 2012 Dodge Charger Redline, Chrysler 200 Super S - WOT on Motor Trend

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    But it's not street legal? What the hell, why can Ford and GM produce high hp models that are street legal and Chrysler can't?
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      They can lose the plastic stick on body parts for sure.... That Charger reminds me of the Mr Norm's GS that was in one of the rags recently. All I could do was shake my head in disbelief thinking that an old classic builder would actually sell something with a bunch of out of place stick on parts glued all over it!!!

      Personally I'm ok with Dodge not making 650 Hp cars - if they have to resort to blowers to get it like Ford and Chevy does. I would like to see them get the true potential out of these motors though. I think they could easily get 550 hp from the new 6.4L motor and still have it very drivable and meet emmissions.


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        There are so many cooler paint schemes they could do with the lines they added to the car without resorting to plastic scoops.
        Why bother with the non-street legal engine in a 4 door? It makes sense in the Challenger (somewhat), but is just stupid in the Charger.
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