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  • Hemi Pursuit Story

    The Alaska State Trooper marathon this weekend on National Geographic Channel had one show that Dodge should incorporate in their ad campaigns.

    A high speed pursuit of an armed felon in a Caddy Escalade was taking place with several Ford Excursions and Crown Victorias trying to run him down. Dispatch received a request from the pursuers to “send out the Dodge Charger”. The trooper took off at speeds reaching the "rated speed" of 129mph and soon caught up with the chase that was running 95-105 mph. Even at those speeds, the trooper looked as calm as dad taking the kids in the minivan to see the neighborhood Christmas lights. And hearing that Hemi at full throttle ran chills up my spine!

    He flew by each of the pursuing Fords with a warning blast on his big-rig quality horn until he was right behind the Caddy. The brass couldn’t decide what to do to stop the Escalade, so they called off the pursuit and eventually used spikes to stop it some 140 miles from where the chase began.

    I’m not a fan of 4-door cars of any stripe, especially cars with a performance heritage, but I’m guessing anyone watching that chase won’t be trying to outrun a police Charger.
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    I would have thought that a cop Charger with a Hemi would have a higher rated speed than 129.
    Either way, it is kind of cool that they used it as an "Interceptor". It reminds of the scene in "Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry" when they bring out the "Special" Polara (that wasn't really as special as billed).
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      That's cool. The computer is programmed for around 130 but that can be changed.


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        And a srt is factory rated at 150 mph?
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          It would be interesting to know how fast they would go with the Diablo Predator computer change. The SRT is supposed to do the 150 stock. It reminds me of my 70 Roadrunner 440-6. Guaranteed to go 150. Of course I never tried it

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          Link to their web site and their video. Cool to see the charger go. Love my police special Magnum hemi.

          Video -- Runaway SUV -- National Geographic


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            Out of boredom, my wife and I watched several of the shows after watching one and then DVR'd the others. Every now and then we'll take a day to veg and watch movies or plain old TV. Do you think they will publish the actual top speed of the cop cars on TV? Was trying to get a look at the speedometer but never could get a decent look at it. My 92 3.9 geared 5.2 Dakota chipped out at 115 which I thought sucked but it didn't have much more in it anyways and my 95 Intrepid also chipped out at 115. Now that car had plenty more in it!


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              In the mid 70's the smog 440's would run about 130 when they were relatively new. I'm not sure if it was some of the material I got with my Magnum or from one of the guys who builds them in Brampton who said they were pegged at 129. I believe with the program you can bump the computer up to 200. No, I know they'd never go that fast. Plum can out run them with his Viper. Not the radio though.