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    Just shot some pictures of my Magnum Hemi cop car. Thinking of selling it and then I drive it and like it too much. 20,600 km on an 06. Plain but different. Former factory demo that I bought a few years ago.

    Magnum pictures by paulmartini - Photobucket

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    Moparless for now


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      Nice, it looks mean.
      I would have had a similar car, but the cop Magnum didn't show up until after I'd bouhgt my 300C.
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        Would you really get something that different from it? Think it doesn't look bad at all, and I can't help but see how to tinker with it.
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          Thanks for your comments. At times I think about a nice set of wheels and a few other mods. Definitely would like to go with the Diablo Predator and run a few time trials at the track. Other advice is to keep it stock because it's pretty rare with the interior and chrome lights, even for a cop car. Most had one non chrome spot and a little different seats. It can be a pain to drive because everyone is afraid to pass me. But I do like it.


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            Personally, I wouldn't sell a car like that. It's a slick ride.
            As a far as keeping it stock, it's easy enough to keep the stock parts, then you got spares. So long as it's just bolt on mods.
            I'd put a ski rack on it, an laugh at the traffic behind me.
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