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2013 Challenger RT 5.7 timing chain issue?

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  • 2013 Challenger RT 5.7 timing chain issue?

    Well a Deer wiped out my 99 Crown Vic in Colorado...crap. So my wife and I are looking at getting a RT 5.7 Automatic..(wife's car But with this MDS system there seems to have been some issues with the timing chain snapping at pretty low mileage. Seems like the Chargers don't have this issue, they put a whimpy timing chain on the challengers because of space issues?? I've went onto a few Challenger websites and can't find out whether Dodge has addressed this problem. The other complaints are ( the price ...actually the interior scratching pretty easily and really thin sheetmetal which causes some unexplained 'dents' on the roof area and the C pillar. Just trying to get everyones take on this before I spend my hard earned money.

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    I have a 2009 SRT8 and 2009 RT, both six speeds. Neither have been to the dealer.
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      yeah but yours have the wiggle sticks....the automatics have the MDS system that cuts out 4 cylinders during cruising and you don't drive yours.


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        I have never heard of this one before. Visually, the engine compartments don't look any different to me. Its hard to imagine they would use a different timing chain set up between the two cars. My 08' Charger R/T has almost 60,000 miles on it and no issues at all. In fact,,,,, I'll give you a real good deal on it if you're open to a slightly used version


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          well this is my wife's car.......and she likes the new Chargers but I like the we compromised. We don't have kids at home anymore so we don't need more doors. Plus the mopar guys would give me crap about a 4 door Charger.