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    I recently did some shopping on insurance rates, and dropped the carrier I had for over 10 years, State Farm. I changed and saved over $700 annually on my ALL my motor vehicles, getting twice the coverage and half the deductible, same on all my property and buildings also. They even offered a quote on both race cars, engines for both, the trailer over and above the initial coverage, and my 4 wheeler too, when NOONE, not even Lloyd's of London, would insure the 6.0 certified car. Over $250 grand just on the racing end, for only $1980 per year with NO deductible. Insured 24/7 with no special clauses or exemptions. Look into it guys and gals, you might be able to save lotsa bux like I did.

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    I've been using Haggerty on my collector cars and American Modern for my race cars. On my personal drivers, I've been using a preferred group (due to no claims in 15+ years) of Travelers. My motorhome, motorcycles and house are even another company; and my race shop and barnaminium are with Lloyds because I'm too far away from a fire hydrant. I price shop every couple of years, and splitting between those five companies because they all appear to specialize on different products, and no one can give me a lower price for that product. I'm also in a Hurricane prone area where many won't insure.
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