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Do Wheelies slow you down?

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    If wheel stands were productive the pro stockers and others would be standing on end using them. They prefer forward motion rather than upward motion. Srockers are limited to what they can do to the chassis so they will pull them rather that try to to tune around them. Coming down too hard also is real hard on parts.
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      Originally posted by Fugly View Post
      If the car comes down too quick and unloads the tires, there will obviously be a problem.....
      My first 'fast' car was doing just that and it was the reason I learned about chassis and suspension setup. I know there's a lot I still don't know about but I do know what works for me....and doing big wheelies is not what I want my car to do. Nice to look at tho


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        Old Hippie is right their are guys that do it for show and i love to see the big wheel stands, but have seen alot of torn up stuff as a result. Saw a 65 Dart at the Mopar festival this year put it on the bumper, unloaded the tires and come crashing to the ground, broke about everything you can break on the front end, plus the bottom of the oil pan, headers and so on. Sure felt bad for him, nice car and he was not trying to do it.
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          "More than 3 inches is a waist of time.. "

          Lee Shepherd told me that at my 2nd Pro Stock race in Bristol Tn
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            Originally posted by ~~Mutt~~ View Post
            "More than 3 inches is a waist of time.. "

            Lee Shepherd told me that at my 2nd Pro Stock race in Bristol Tn
            Best thing I read in a long time!!!!
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              I broke a set of wheelie bars once on launch, it was scary, and did a lot of damage. Now that I'm in dragster cars instead of door slammers, wheels up can be REAL SCARY!!!! I took the short car (225" WB) down to Jerry Taliaferro's shop in Topeka over the winter and he built me an 80" wheelie bar for it. We'll see how it does next week during and after my license runs in Topeka. MSD is set @ 7500 launch RPM, cross your fingers. All in all, if the front end is going up, it's NOT going forward. Think about it.
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                Originally posted by BK View Post
                I agree with that. There are a certain percentage of guys that are more into show than go. Their wheel stands go too high and are slamming down way too hard -- not only screwing their 60' and 330' -- but damaging parts.If the wheel stand gets out of control you need to hit 2nd gear ("If you see blue - shift to 2") but not lift. These guys coming down too hard are lifting.
                More Show than Go in many cases like BK stated. I have worked at local tracks since 1955 as a tech official through AHRA, NHRA, and local track tech groups. In 2006 I was working the NHRA Mile High Mopar Nationals in Denver I asked Allen Johnson and V. Gaines (a Denver friend) about the wheelie thing when a 990 car made a pass with the front end looking upward. Both agreed that's the last thing they wanted in Pro Stock.

                "If you watch these guys the right wheel may come up a few inches and probably only once because someone didn't make the proper adjustment on the wheelie bars" per "Grumpy" Jenkins who was waiting for me to go to lunch.

                They can't afford wasted time making repairs on damage from wheel stands when they have other tasks to perform on the car for the next round.

                After 50 years of drag racing I decided to stop, but that's easy to say as I get calls to go with friends running in the Comp Classes with some success - can't say No to them either. My wife is pretty cool with me going and knowing that I'm not done yet.....

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