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My Secret Recipe For Alligator Paint Finish

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  • My Secret Recipe For Alligator Paint Finish

    Recipe for Dave Schultz’ patented Alligator finish by rattle can

    1. You have to be very rushed, in my case it has to be dry by 8am tomorrow as engine builder is coming over to fire up car, hot lash, and inspect lash caps after I hammer it down the road
    2. It has to be a hot Texas day of 95 or hotter
    3. Select an even hotter room that is another 20 degrees hotter, like a metal container having the full sun beating on it
    4. After a flawless coat of primer and color, go the extra step of using a whole can of clear, one coat after another with only 2 minutes between coats.

    5. Get busy doing something else for a couple hours, and then go back to see that the combination of heat and not letting clear dry between coats has the paint crawled into a puddle look
    6. Panic and start wet sanding even though clear isn’t fully hardened yet because it was applied so thick
    7. Now hose down and blow dry with compressed air
    8. Immediately hit it (because you’re in a hurry) with primer again.
    9. Come back and see it has crackled
    10. Say screw it, it almost looks cool and hit it with a half can of year old (cuz you have no other left and Lowe’s is 20 miles away) black paint that didn’t have the nozzle cleaned by the person who last used it - and have dribbles and splatters all over you, the project and concrete
    11. Find a nozzle off can in trash and finish.

    12. Take next month trying to decide if you like the look, or need to strip and try again
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