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Bracket Racing in Florida

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  • Bracket Racing in Florida

    I want to start a blog or diary of my bracket racing this season. This will be racing my 1968 Barracuda. I will primarily race in Gainesville Florida. Yes the home of the NHRA Gatornationals.

    First a little history on who I am and how I got started in drag racing. First my name is Mack Reeves. I have loved Moparís since I saw my first Hemi in a 1965 Dodge. This was at my first drag race. I have been hooked since. My first car was my street car. A 1970 Cuda with a 340 and a 727 tranny. I raced it every weekend and drove it to work every day. I did this until my wife became pregnant. Right then I decided I had more important places for my money. This was 1975. Now letís go 25 years later and children were grown and educated and the wife was gone in a divorce and I decided this is the time to get back into racing. My good friend had a 1970 Duster that had been a former Super Stock car that had been RE-worked for Bracket racing. He wanted another car but had to sell the Duster first. I bought the Duster in 2000. I raced it until 2006 when I found the car of my dreams ab1968 FB Barracuda. I bought it from a guy in Ohio that had the car for over 15 years. When the new Drag Pak cars came out in 2008 I put an application in for one not expecting to even be considered for one but, my name was picked and I now have a 2009 Drag Pak Challenger. Number 43 of the first 100. The Challenger took over two years to build and it was built as a stocker. I have enjoyed class racing but just not as much as bracket racing. So this year I'm going to focus on Bracket Racing the Barracuda. Thatís enough for now. I will tell you that we have had three races so far this season and will bring this up to date as I go. So stay tuned for some Bracket Racing action.
    Mack Reeves
    FS/C 2377
    2009 DragPak U 426-004

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    Looking forward to reading more
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