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In gear stalling issues

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    Sounds to me like you don't have enough advance at idle. big cams like full advance (38 ish) at idle. if it has vacuum advance if it is on the wrong port this will further exasperate the problem.


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      The tranny shop put the new converter and transmission on their dyno, powered by a 6 cyl engine and it didn't stall out when dropped into gear. Thinking about putting it back together and leave the tranny brake unhooked at the terminal and see what it does. After that, doing some electrical checks to see if there are any voltage drops occurring in the process. Scratching my head again at this point.
      If the cam was degreed in wrong it could be an issue right? ( Haven't checked that yet )

      Currently set at 38 degrees full advance at idle.


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        Vacuum leak? Fought that on a slant six for quite a while before I figured it out.
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          I dunno . Something sounds fishy to me.
          All throttle , no bottle .


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            OK here we go. After picking up the trans and converter from the shop after they had it on their dyno, owner suggested to change the fittings on the cooling line at the trans from what they were ( +/- 5/32 to 3/16 diameter ) to 1/4" inside diameter. I did this before putting back in car. this was the only change made from before dyno to after dyno. Started the car and let it warm up pretty good and dropped it into gear. Didn't instantly die as before but tried to keep running for 8-10 seconds. Took it out and drove it for +/- 4 miles and back into the shop. By now it was trying to stay running but with the help of accelerator pump squirts. Gave all 4 corner idle screws another 1/4 turn out, and now it will idle in gear after it's warmed up. Idles around 1100 and drops down to 800 in gear. New converter will stall about 3000 w/o brake and 4000 with brake. Trans shop owner said restriction on those fittings could be messing with pump pressures in the valve body. So, final diagnosis from my viewpoint was a junk converter initially, then bad fittings after the rebuild causing the issues. I'm in the Fort Wayne IN area and the trans shop that helped me out is Russ Moore Trans. Good Ol' hot rod guy named Bill helped me out for countless hours and calls at very little cost. Thanks for all the post replies and suggestions, hope this helps someone else down the road !!