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  • coronet fiberglass

    Looking for suggestions for a company for fiberglass hood and bumpers, or companies to avoid.

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    Avoid Unlimited's been years since I bought anything from them. Fiberglass Trends is one of the good ones.


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      a&a always been good to me
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        I bought mine from WG Fiberglass in Ashtabula, Oh. It was pretty rough and needed a lot of work. I really wasn't guppy with the quality. I also feel like I got boned on the shipping. That was 11 years ago, so they might have gotten better.

        Ive gotten a hood from VF (I think in Fort Worth) and feel it was better.
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          Hood with 6 pack scoop is ordered from Unlimited Fiberglass, it will be ready in 4 weeks.


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            Well, let us know how it is. The hood for my 66 Belvedere from them is a pos. It's nice and light but is very wavy and some areas are real thin. Had to reinforce the front edge because it was trying to peel up at 100 mph.


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              Got my hood from U.S. Body source today, all I can say is WOW. The scoop has sagged 1 1/4 inches , the gaps between the fender and hood are huge, no lip on the back of the hood, the front to back sags 1 inch, the inner reinforcement hits the coresupport(if the hood was not sagging it might not hit) and the gel coat is too thin around part of the hood scoop. Called and left a message and waiting for a response.

              The picture in their website is what I was expecting, I need to guess again.