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1954 coronet 2 door "Club Coupe"

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    Cool build!!


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      Nice work!
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        I like everything I'm seeing with your Project Plymouth. I like the black suede valve covers, just have someone air brush Plymouth and delete Edelbrock. If you name your car (I name all my cars), air brush the name on the covers instead.



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          Just did a catch up on all the progress you've been making . Sure looks good so far .
          All throttle , no bottle .


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            Looking GREAT! send me what kinda valve covers you'd REALLY like to have, an maybe i'll send ya a pair. Edelbrock gets too much advertising as it is.
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              Love it!! Great job!!
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                I had a lot of trouble getting my rear brake drums off and damaged the the drums. I did not find any drums for it so I felt it was more practical/cost effective to get a rear end from junk yard. I picked up a 1987 Chrysler Fifth Ave rear end for $240 with drive shaft.

                Cut off perches and did a dry fit

                Wow maybe too low???

                Sitting on the ground... Actually just what I was looking for!

                Now I need to crawl under and tach weld my perches. Then I'll remove the rear end and complete welds and replace seals, brakes and a little clean up.


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                  Still been working on the 54 and other projects... Here is a few pics to show you whats done...

                  Cleaned up and completed installing rear end...

                  Had a friend weld up my steering linkage. Got them installed and competed steering...

                  Completed motor and got it started! Sounded great and quick response! No leaks!!


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                    Removed old front brakes...

                    And installed new disc brakes from Scarebird (and basic parts from parts house)


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                      Got the drive shaft custom made and balanced.. Sorry no picture.

                      Hugged and narrowed rear bumper.. Sorry no picture. I will try to post one.

                      Hugged and lowered front bumper...


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                        Going well with her I see.

                        bringin' em back ~ to the Dodge Mahal !!....

                        Where old Magnums can find a home.. :angel:


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                          Super Nice Build!!!
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                              nice car.


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                                Things have been slow due to funds and time. but I'm still making progress.. LOL. Here are some updated pics... Just got my white walls on car. Need to finish up brake lines next. Oh... Notice the update valve covers!![IMG] URL:[/IMG]