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1954 coronet 2 door "Club Coupe"

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    Originally posted by 1954 in progress View Post
    Thanks for the info on the heads. My casting number is 4027596. I'm looking to keep the engine simple. So I'll just send the heads out to get rebuilt. So far I bought new bearings all the way around and picked up a "comp cams" timing chain.

    Not sure which brands yet, But I plan on picking up a basic cam and lifters / new manifold and carb / new oil pick up and pan / and I'm thinking of chrome valve covers that say MOPAR across them. What do you think??
    Somebody swapped in some newer hardened seat heads on that. The stock was 587 "J".

    This is another one of those apps where I think DC/MP chromes would look good. I have some Edelbrocks I thought should see some use on my truck. I'd definitely go for it if you think that's what you're after. A lot of cars had those on before and the cars changed hands when popular tastes were changing so a lot of guys have several sets pulled off of cars that went back to stock.

    The stock 4bbl 340/360 manifold is actually really good and for a car 360 app it's very hard to beat. Hard to beat the price too. They do weigh between 51 and 58 lbs though.
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      Happy fathers day to all the MOPAR dads out there!! Even thought I haven't been posting alot, I still been working on the 54. So here's an update... I got most of the 360 together. Got the heads done, new bearings, rings, lifters, timing chain, cam, valve springs. Still need to pick up manifold, carb, water pump,fan, valve covers and probably more.

      I also need to bolt trans up to motor to see where the motor mounts will have to be fab'd. But for now I just positioned the motor in place to get an idea what it will look like. I also finally found a rear window seal. So now I have new windows and window seals for front and rear!! SO HAPPY!! I never thought I would have found one!! I also pick up a very good used gas tank. So I'll keep posting progress!!!


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        Looks real nice!
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          Cool to see this moving along.

          bringin' em back ~ to the Dodge Mahal !!....

          Where old Magnums can find a home.. :angel:


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            I can't believe I've never seen this thread before. Thank you for doing this car. It's becoming a true work of art.

            Might I suggest a color? Check out mopar's new Blackberry Pearl. I have it on the Challenger. It's an amazing color. It never fails to get compliments everywhere. Even if they don't know what the car is, they sure are focused on that paint.


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              I love your project
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                Thanks on the feed back!!

                I picked up a new toy a couple of days ago...

                And made some motor mounts... OK their a little bulky : )

                And got the motor bolted in..

                Still need to fab trans mount. Is there a "pad style" mount that will bolt to 727 trans? If so what year and car would it belong to?

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                Also, I ran into trouble a little. My stock starter hits the steering box. Does anyone know of a smaller starter? Maybe a racing one or light weight one that would be shorter than the stock 9" one?? Or maybe a different year?? Just need a inch or two... Otherwise I will look into rack and pinion.


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                  Nice progress.
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                    Well I have been working on the project. Here are some pics to see what I have been up too...

                    Picked up a 67 comet steering box and linkage.

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                      Original steering holes

                      Made slugs and welded in

                      Location holes for new steering box

                      Drilled 5/8 holes to insert round pipe for strength

                      Weled them in...

                      Grinded them smooth and possible

                      Mounted steering box

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                        Good to see this still moving, but can't see the pictures. ?

                        bringin' em back ~ to the Dodge Mahal !!....

                        Where old Magnums can find a home.. :angel:


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                          Picked up a steering column from speedway.

                          Did some minor things to it to make it work.

                          I able to use my stock turn signal!!

                          Just need to make a clean connection...
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                            Couple of motor shots

                            Almost ready to start... need a few more things!!
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                              Sorry... I edited the pics. Now hopefully you can see them. If not please LMK again..
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                                Nice work.
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