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I coulda had a v8...........

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    Originally posted by hemisatellite View Post
    just got off the fone with bro in law doing the same project as you. he asked if he may have your e-mail address to chat with you. if so, you can send it to me in PM if you prefer. Thanks:clapping:

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    Originally posted by Old_Demon View Post
    Well hurry up with the pictures before someone hijacks this thread again! :ROFLMAO:
    I wasn't gonna say anything but since you mentioned it "NO SHIT"
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      I like the color, more pics please.
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        So as you can see I had to hack the crap out of the front crossmember for oil pan clearance but its gusseted and double plated plus has channel bolted beneath so it oughta be fine......the other solution would be to modify the oil pan but upon further review it'd have to be a double sump (kinda like ford did some of theirs) and I didn't want that plus this was easier................I also had to relieve the front crossmember in order to clear front pulleys to get the engine low enough so the angle was somewhat acceptable.....the lower radiator hose is also in a spot that required notching of front crossmember as well.

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        Also I HAD to use a mini starter to be able to clear the steering box.....I opted to use block hugger headers and had no clearance issues with those but ordered pipe to build exhaust myself (just how I am) and its going to be interesting snaking it around stuff......I ran the alternator on passenger side like normal mopar small blocks but thats where the power steering would be on these trucks so if I cant live without the power steering I'll throw a mopar pump on in stock location and have lines made up for it................this truck used a two piece driveshaft and I changed it to a one piece but had to weld on a new yoke to match the diff but future plans include changing to a 9 inch (which I have) or an 8.75.............

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        Oh yeah one important note is since this truck had a 904 the stock rear mount was used but fabbed solid front perches bolted directly to the boxed frame......I'll post pics of those

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        The radiator is out of a chevy van I use for storage ...I question whether its gonna be adequate but an electric fan is on the way as well as remote trans cooler so we'll see.............

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        I will need to rely on hood pins because the stock latch was sacrificed and the room in front is almost non existent.........I modified the stock throttle cable to work with the v8 ..........I have an eddy intake, cam/lifters, and roller rockers as well as electronic ignition that will go in later after everything is worked out.........
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          I'm pretty sure the on I seen this summer was a newer model. It didn't look like it was near as much work fitting the small block in it.
          Regardless, that's gonna be a quick truck. I like it.
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            Lot of work,,but its looking good!
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              I gotta say it was way more work than I anticipated.......getting it low enough in the engine bay and clearance at the steering box was my biggest headaches thus far
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                SWAP IS COMPLETED!!!!!! This project is far from done though......I built my own exhaust , dual 2.25 into turbo mufflers (they were laying around here so I used them)......anyhow the carb is junk so its now parked til I get a new's videos
                video-2011-11-17-16-36-28.3gp - YouTube
                video 2011 11 17 16 31 52 - YouTube

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                The smoke at the beginning is because the carb is loading up........

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                Here is what the engine and front of the truck look like currently

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                  Your having some fun already! :-)


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                    tryin to
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                      rod knock

                      Did the rod knock go away or did you find something else causing a rod knock noise? I was gonna offer, I have an 82 318 4 bbl engine, has set for YEARS I would send as a long block where is as is engine if you'd pay the freight, that's all. It ran as a champ when it got parked about 8 years ago. Body was trashed and trans in it was smoked, so they parked it and they ended up giving it to me.

                      Glad you FINALLY got some satisfaction outta that little truck. My bro in law is still struggling with his the way you did too. He keeps asking me for help instead of talking to you. He's gonna be here for t-giving, his idea is I'm on vacation, let's go hunting, I don't work on cars while on vacation.
                      He's got a surprise coming this year. No help me getting the big tire truck done? NO HUNTING! Seems there are not quail and Pheasant in Tennessee where they live. I'm bettin he might help this trip cause I have lotsa both quail and pheasant this year. And I might NOT let him take home thier share of the Angus I butchered down for the family either.

                      I can be a real prick sometimes:ROFLMAO:
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                        Thats a nice offer Curt but I dumped two cans of STP in it and seems to have taken care of it, I know its gonna spin a bearing sooner or later but I've got plenty of teens to rebuild so I'm good......As for your BIL I'll be happy to share my experience on this truck if he wants..........thanks again
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                          spammer alert
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                            Cool beans!!


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                              Originally posted by Cranky View Post
                              Low teens should be easy if it's just under 3000 and if you can gain some compression, high 12's will be easy. As for adding weight, I like to add it just ahead of the rear axle. It'll pitch rotate faster off the line than it will if you add the same weight to the very tail. I good spot is a weight box just behind the cab.....
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                                Nice burnout, didnt take much effort did it? Man your truck will be a blast to drive!!
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