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Mission Possible? (74 Duster Drag Car)

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    If you can find one, there are 8 3/4 a-body housings around that should bolt in. I will second the Cal-Trac suggestion. You can use drum brakes on the rear just fine for that car, but look for something at least 10". They work better for foot-braking. You have seen lots of suggestions for front discs above. My take on the 73-up disc brake stuff is that it is all used stuff, and super heavy. So you get a complete used brake set-up off a donor car for $xxx, then spend $xxx more to rebuild it so it's all new. You can get Aerospace, Wilwood, or Strange brakes which are lighter, and all new, for pretty close to the same price. Just a thought.

    Use the Schumacher mounts, they are great, and build a torque strap. Works awesome. I did a 68 Barracuda with a 383 last year that way. I would seriously suggest a spool in the rear diff though. Anything with a posi or limited slip is asking for troubles on the track. Besides, you can probably sell your posi for more than the spool will cost you.

    Places you need to spend well: Fuel system, shifter, Tach w/shift light, suspension, torque converter, sub-frame connectors.

    Places you can do with used parts/eBay/junk yard/just plain not top of the line: Headers, Gauges, appearance, short-block.

    I'm suggesting that you use junk, but there are many places that you do not need to get the most cutting edge and expensive parts. All of my cars are built on a tight budget, they are safe and win races.
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      Originally posted by Andy Closkey View Post
      If you can find one, there are 8 3/4 a-body housings around that should bolt in.
      It's easy to get into trouble there trying to spend too much on an axle that won't hold up to what you need it to do while overbuilding initially. Plus most of the 8.25" suggestion came from him having it already in the '73. Keeping the '66 SB and going BB in the '73 would be more beneficially to use the '73 rear in the '66 and use something better than an 8.25/8.75 in the later car.
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