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1961 Plymouth, going SRT style

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  • 1961 Plymouth, going SRT style

    Here is what I'm starting with:

    A 1961 Plymouth 4 door. Great CA car that has a good paint job. Body is very solid. I wanted to do something really different. Originally I was going to just pull the suspension and rebuild it. Well, things kept coming off....

    We decided to go ahead and rip everything out, so it looks like this now:

    The entire front suspension has been glass beaded and repainted. Disc brakes are being put up front. When trying to decide what to do for power, we decided a 1961 needed a 6.1 SRT8 motor:

    This actually has 6.1 internals, with ported 5.7 heads. Made over 420hp on the dyno, more than enough for my cruising needs.

    With the power up front, what where we going to do inside:

    Rip everything out and rewire it. Putting all of the factory gauges back in the car and adding some new ones. I'll have pictures of those this week. Installing a lot of power options. I wanted to put AC on it, so under the dash goes the vintage air unit, who needs a glove box:

    In an attempt to keep the car quiet, we put sound deadening material all over the floorboard. There was no floorboard repair needed, which was a huge relief:

    It turns out an E-body (cuda challenger) 8.75" rearend will bolt RIGHT into the back of the car.

    The above pictures were done about 6-8 weeks ago. Below is an update of what has happened since.

    A few from the front now with the frame under it and motor mounted:

    Disc brake conversion. These disc brakes are from Engineered Components

    Here is the march pully system on the front. We're not using their water pump pulley. Puts too much leverage on the front of it and will pull it out. Very clean setup, love how this looks. We have the same setup on my fathers 61 300-G.

    Exhaust manifolds are off a Jeep Cherokee. Their coated in POR to help protect long term.

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    Indy Cylinder Head's Mod Man intake. Allows you to run 2-4's, a 6 pack or a single 4 setup. You can run FI as well. The coil packs are mounted under the intake and we run spark plug wires so it's a dual plug setup .

    Ron Francis power block. Gives you access to 12v without stacking a bunch of wires.

    On top here you can see a factory chrysler cruise control, out of a mid 80's chrysler. Underneath you can see the locar throttle pressure linkage for the transmission and the accelerator.

    ABS electronic brake system. This keeps a power booster off the fire wall.

    ABS electric power brake master cylinder. Looks cool!

    How did we bolt in a 6.1 into a 61 plymouth, we used 61 chrysler motor mounts!

    Oil filter adapter is off a 5.7 truck to allow for clearance for the K frame.

    8 3/4 rear end out of an E-body car, bolted right in! 2.76 gears, gas mileage baby

    Lokar shift light indicator for the console shifter


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      Shifter, throttle pressure and shift indicator all right here. Accelerator pedal, all of this stuff pictured from Lokar!

      Mildon Oil pan, only the best. Did some plug relocation for better draining

      Power Steering rebuilt by Steer and Gear in columbus.

      Crossmember was modified to accept a B-Body transmission mount.

      Quite fuel pump mounted in the back.

      Custom back panels. Carpet down. Keyless entry mounted on the driver side. Have an electric trunk as well.

      Full interior shot



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        Vintage air unit hidden behind the dash, custom piece for the vents on the bottom.

        Full on dash picture. On a Belevedere the top bezels came blank. The oil and volt gauge just fit right in. Got a factory clock out of a fury, rebuilt by JC Auto Restorations.

        Turn signal indicator from, just some LED's we made up. Power door lock button from Watson Street Rod.

        Lokar pedals, had to make the brake pedal, dead pedal as well

        Shifter from locar, indicator is laying in the floor to be mounted once a console is made

        FAST engine computer, mounted in the kick panel wall.

        Back up camera for the license plate

        Battery tray and reservoir holder for the power steering

        Trying to figure out rims/tires for the car at this point. We will have the interior finished off by an interior shop in charlotte, nc. Interior's just aren't our thing. Haven't decided if going modern or period correct type of look. Will just depend on what we come up with. Lots of progress has been made, but still a ways to go!


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          A little more progress

          Back is all wrapped up

          Motor pretty much wrapped up minus the radiator and firewall coverings

          Another engine picture

          The front getting close.


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            How it sits today. Going to crank this week and off to the interior shop!


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              Wow! very cool!
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                To make this fun, I found this:

                I bought it for my mom. It's a 4 door fury. So dad will be able to drive the fully decked out super modified blue/white (boy colors) and my mom will drive the totally stock, but premium model Fury. Should make it a lot of fun at a cruise in for people to come up and see all the changes from a factory car to the finished product.


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                  Very Cool!!
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                    Wow, looks great! Lots of nice workmanship, congrats.
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                      Awesome car. What '61 Chrysler mounts did you use?
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                        Dude -- you're my new hero
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                          Beautifully done. Your mom's car is pretty cool too.


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                            Uhh.............I don't know what to say other than "awesome" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                              Nice job 2 x4 bbls would be super cool!
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