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70 Duster mini build.

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    Originally posted by Cranky View Post
    If you get along with your neighbor then be nice but if not, then all bets are off lol. The more I listen to my neighbors dogs, the more noise I make too but I need to be more noisy when they are sleeping. They wake me up early in the morning a sometimes I make a midnight run to the store with my straight piped Dakota
    Thats why I moved out here on rock closest neighbor is minimum 1/8-1/4 mile away and its kind of a you dont bitch about me and I wont bitch about you unspoken agreement.
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      ronnysplymouth, if we where closer I'd defiantly let you have at I'm not looking forward to it at all but I'll get it done. I have a guy that said he would paint it for $2500 and does excellent work but I'd rather try it myself and save some cash for parts.

      cranky most of the neighbors are pretty cool we have a leash law now so most of the dogs are gone. I have a live trap for the cats, every time I would work on the car one would come in that night or between trips to town and hose it down so I had to do something they get a free ride to town. One neighbor is the ex sheriff and he's a dodge man so he gives me the thumbs up all the time. Has a bunch of grand kids that are starting to drive and doing burnouts when they leave out. The guy that asked about the mufflers borrowed my sawzall last night and cut his off, said if I can do it so can he. :ROFLMAO:I think his getting duals put on it today.


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        What kind of headers are those? I know they aint cheap and that sucks that they are starting to show rust spots.
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          tti's coated inside and out. I think I'll call them today and see what they say about it, thanks for reminding me.


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            Lets us know what you find out, i was thinking about going with a complete system from them but damn are they costly. Also been looking at the hooker dark side headers, kind of like the black look too.
            "Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy" Ben Franklin


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              Sounds like you got some decent neighbors...........I could never live in a neighborhood with my dogs even they I keep them contained.

              I love the lopey cam and the front suspension....never seen that setup before...much more simple then the altercation or magnum force setups
              Eastern Washington desert rat......The dry side of the state


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                Originally posted by dusterman70 View Post
                The guy that asked about the mufflers borrowed my sawzall last night and cut his off, said if I can do it so can he. :ROFLMAO:I think his getting duals put on it today.
                I actually think that's pretty cool.

                I'm curious on the headers. Always wonder what clear and what don't or what others need to clear.
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                  hemi67s What ever it was cleaned up with a damp rag so I didn't call them, wish I could edit that out now. I bought mine through Compu-Flo he had the best deal going that I could find back in the summer. I love the look of those dark side headers.

                  ronnysplymouth I found that front end doing research on this one from RCC specialty RCC Specialty Products - Mopar Products they where having a hard time finding someone to do the machine work for them making parts so they didn't have anything in stock. I wanted the altercation front end but the prices kept climbing and you had to use mustang brakes, at the time I wanted to use my old stuff and was leaning more to a drag only car.

                  I seen a post about the coilover kit it on for a bodies only and started searching. I found Bob's photobucket and liked what I saw and called him up. You can move the tires in or out a little for clearance if you need to. I bought one of those fasttrax alignment tools from summit and with Bob's help over the phone I got it dialed in. I've never done an alignment before and was trying to get all my caster in it at once and couldn't figure out how to get the camber without throwing everything off. He explained it good enough for me to figure it out. Take a look at his pics of all the stuff he does, there's a video of the front end working driving around on the street and one from the track in it too. Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket
                  He's the one that did the zoomies for a member here with the pro street Dart.

                  270SE I can take some more pics if you want. The picture of the drivers side header above with the proportioning valve and starter in it. The tube that's next to the frame is close to the frame but hangs down below it enough to clear. That tube is put in after you mount the header you can see the slip joint in it if you squint a little.A couple tubes both have a flat spot in it to clear the torsion bar.
                  I never tried putting that stuff back in it but I think it would be pretty easy to do, you might have to shim the motor mount enough to get it to work.

                  Here's a few pics with the factory K frame in it while I was setting up the motor plate. One thing that will hit if you leave it in the stock location and why I left the slip tube off in the picture was the tab on the end of the steering column for the 70 4 speed. It was cut already to make room for the other headers that where on it so I don't know what it looked like or how much was cut. It was a rod coming off the shifter linkage where you had to put it in reverse to get the key out of the switch.


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                    Everyone out here has a least a 1/2 acre but that's still too close. I also have a live tender trap for when the cats get out of hand but after a few free rides into town and they end up back and still roaming, I don't do that anymore. They get a free ride at least 50 miles away where no one lives. I don't like doing that either but I'm tired of them showing back up one the neighbor 'bails' it them out and then I can't catch them anymore. I had hope to be able to buy 20 acres out in the country somewhere once I retired but it doesn't look like that's going to happen so my neighbors are going to have to put up with my crap from now on if I have to put up with theirs.