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Art's 70 Charger 500

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  • Art's 70 Charger 500

    An old friend of the family had his '70 Charger stored in a garage for 25 years. When he parked it, it had 90,000 miles on it, and rust began taking it's toll. (He drove it to Platteville in Wisconsin during the winter). The car brought him many good memories, and he intends to han it down to his childeren someday.

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    ok ????
    Eastern Washington desert rat......The dry side of the state


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      I am new to this. I am trying to come up with a way to post photos. One of the problems is some of the photos are larger than 800K. The upside is that there are many interesting things to mention as thei restoration progresses... -Jerry


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        Put them up on photobucket, imageshack, etc. and just link to them if they are too big.
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          Well "Mr X" -just got back home from being on the road for 3 days and got your email about this- call me sometime and I will try to explain this -can't type that much....
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