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78 doba resto mod

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  • 78 doba resto mod

    so as some may know im rebuilding a 78 doba that has a 360 j engine and an a-999 tranny.

    i got the car in a running state whit corinthian leather and a/c,power window/locks,colum shifter and a 8 track am/fm radio for 650$ and after calling caa and saying i needed a towing it was in my yard. as im makeing this post the car if totaly torn down and the engine aswell.

    here are some varying pics

    78 cordoba 360 4brl -under restoration

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    Wow, really going at it!Can't wait to see it when finished!


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      Looks like alot of work, good luck with it and have fun! Keep us posted with your progress.
      "Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy" Ben Franklin


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        I'm encouraged to see a teenager tearing (really tearing!) into a Cordoba! Great job, keep at it and don't lose heart, if you do, just take a break and go back at it. I have a white 76 doba. Good luck and we'll be keeping up w/ your progress. Theres a wealth of knowlege on these cars here at Style.
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          can wait to see it finished
          Poorwhite boy


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            well progress is it we just took the mesurements on the block and the bores show between 4.0015 and 4.0016 and no its not a misstype.
            the counter shows 65 000 miles and i was sceptical even when i was told at the plates that it matched previous mileage.

            but hey i geuse im a luck sob,im getting rings,gaskets,bearing,and a cam.

            and the head is going to be ported ,valve job and decked to increase compresion sligthly.

            and even if i wanted to do a 408 ill use this engine a few year instead and see from there.

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            anyone have an idea for a engine rebuild kit ? not a race engine but it has to be over oem.
            78 cordoba 360 4brl -under restoration


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              since winter is comeing slowly im prepareing for it in the next weeks i should have my parts and start the rebuild on the engine.

              ive devided the project in seperate batches numbers preseding whit w are to mean it will be done in winter months:

              1.the engine,getting a fresh and willing 360 in there along whit the original a 999 trany. before the engine goes in a good powerwash and repaint of the engine bay,it being empty of everything its going to be painted and retored whit a flat black or semi gloss finish.

              2.the inside ,im going to clean the inside and paint all that is not seen once the car is done. once thats done electric,ac,dash,stearing will go back in. of course all system will have to be checked and retored/repaired if needed.

              w3.engine bay,this will render the car funtional,installing components like the batery,windshield washer,vacume lines,the hood,and connect all components together.

              w4.the inside,the panels,seats,speackers, and anything related to user comfort. i want to build the inside in a black whit red and chrome trim. mostly leather,and good but not shaggy carpet.

              5.body,all the prep to get the car ready to be painted black and maybe 2 tone whit secondary tone silver. in this fation

              whit a red twin pin stripe factory style, going from the back to up front.

              6. trim,all the chrome/aluminium trim,getting them redone to look great and filling them inside not to leave place for humidity to form.

              7.the suspension,rebuilding/restoring the whole suspension system so it has a sporty ride to it and have a good agressive stance,i dont want the car to look like its rideing to low.

              8.getting it shot whit pitch instead of oil,lets just say mother nature wont bee real happy but mt car wont rust.

              9.getting it towed to the inspectiong bureau,whit is the citys mopar dealership :P and have it reaproved for road use.

              10.road trip to san jose california,where the car original came from.
              78 cordoba 360 4brl -under restoration


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                Sounds like a good plan.
                "Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy" Ben Franklin


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                  well today doors went back on aswell the trunk,was tierd of just haveing the body under a bach, getting a set of magnum heads sunday me and my buddy are planning around 367-450 hp depending on the budjet. building a performance 360 instead of my original idea whitch was a 408. i came back from the garage where i put the fender on the car and damn does it make happy just seeing a complete side :P

                  gona start to clean the whole thing up real good and re install small windows.
                  78 cordoba 360 4brl -under restoration


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                    Progress is always good,, it does take alot of time to do a build and the bad part is the money. Keep at it and give it alot of thought and it will turn out great!
                    "Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy" Ben Franklin


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                      well as of today now id say 50% of the metal working is done
                      gas tanks out and some parts of the car are already coated whit por 15
                      78 cordoba 360 4brl -under restoration


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                        You go guy!!

                        bringin' em back ~ to the Dodge Mahal !!....

                        Where old Magnums can find a home.. :angel:


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                          well since the cordoba was stuck in ice due to snow folowed by rain i have not done half of what i wanted to do,but im very very eager to start working on it again.
                          78 cordoba 360 4brl -under restoration


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                            AHHH - The sounds of my pain - It is nice when things work to plan but really takes up time when it doesn't. Keep up the great work and don't forget the pics.


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                              Warmer temps are around the corner......................I keep telling myself this too!
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