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  • 52 fargo custom

    my dad, brother and i are kinda cleaning up the spare parts lying around the yard. we are doing this by building a custom:ROFLMAO: we are taking my 75 d 100 318 auto and putting my dads 52 fargo body on it. the fargo started out as a bin truck hauling apple's s being a 2 1/2 ton it has different fenders than a dodge pickup of the same year. should be a cool custom. any problems i come across will be asked about in the trucks section any help or comments would be cool.

    my dad and brother and the d 100

    my yard. lol coda's ford my d 100 and my chev hey look all three

    our creative cab removal method

    all in a pile

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    striped down as a roller

    and the fargo pre being striped

    will post pic's of the body on the d 100 frame tomorow. i fabed and installed the cab mounts today. tomorow will be installing the steering


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      Fargo sounds like a name for a Canadian Plymouth???

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      Friend is building a 56 (I think) Fargo 331 hemi decided to use a 92 Dakota frame had to shortened (professionally) a bit for it to sit right on. So the 331 is rebuilt and done, the SB 727 it is adapted to is rebuilt and ready frame is done rest is coming along but rebuilding the 360 in his Cuda as slowed things down a bit!!
      Looks like a need project



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        Looks like a great project.

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          Cool project.
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            thanks guys. and dodgeboy8 that sounds like a pretty cool project too 4x4 or 2 wheel? ive been laid off and wont have work for at least another week. the upside being that this project is really coming along. cab ismounted and the steering is actually in nw in these pics it is just sitting there.

            cab mounted on the frame

            from the front

            inside the engine bay

            the 318 sticking through the fire wall

            steering in mockup

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            sorry i donno how to rotate it. but a pic of the battery hole n the floor. the (soon to be) master cylinder's new home

            a bit of a mock up of how it will look

            from the front. and dodgeboy8 fargo was an independant compony bought by the dodge brothers in the early 30's i beleve. they made mosty industrial trucks. in canada dodge called some of there trucks fargo's i think all of the fargo trucks where made in canada too. this one was and ive been told they all where.


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              That will be cool when its done.
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