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72 Dart hot street proyect :/

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  • 72 Dart hot street proyect :/

    I start with the buy of a nice factory untouched 72 Dart Swinger slant 6

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    OK, THE TRUCK ARRIVES and i am waiting to gather all the parts to start working in it !!!!!!!!
    Original Mopar Tuff steering wheel + addapter "Hard pice to come by, and not cheap"

    Good used front lower balance, bumper guards deleted

    Manual aluminum steering box "real light unit"

    Mancini Racing billet front motor plate, fluid damper harmonic ballancer, hurst competition shifter, custom disc brake front conversion i pice together with wilwood parts and RX-7 rotors

    Eagle rods with arp2000 bolts for the 440 big block engine "check em up in comparation with the 2jz rod!

    4 speed new procces mopar crash box! "SWEETTT"

    Eddy Torker 440 intake and B1 big block valve covers

    440 Source SFI billet flywheel


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      440 Source billet 1/4 inch gridle and main studs assembly with windage tray and billet rear main seal cap

      1968 HP2 mopar big block 440 engine and Lakewood scattershield

      3.73 gears Dana 60 diff

      Stick shit pedal assembly

      Car Tool 1/8 inch contoured subframe connectors specially build for the Dart


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        sick. that will be one cool dart


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          I like the "stick shit pedal assembly" lol
          Looks like you got a heck of a start.


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            Looks like a fun project.
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              Looks like that will be a cool project and 4-speeds are sweet!
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                Nice project.


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                  Originally posted by littlejohn44 View Post
                  I like the "stick shit pedal assembly" lol
                  Looks like you got a heck of a start.
                  Yeap a typo but real funny one so i leave it like that hahahahaha

                  I cant wait to start on it, this is something i was waiting to have for so long, and this time came up really good just cant wait!


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                    Just like Christmas..!!
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                      Beautiful start on a cool project!
                      stercus accidit


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                        I am still waiting on some eddy alum. heads and forged pistons to send my engine to the machine shop, and still debating on wich cam i will install-and what kind of cam i may go with, a solid flat tapped 540something lift comp cam or a big hydraulic, but not deside yet, as well as the carb 850 DP is whats comming first to maybe change to an EFI later on, i will fabricate my own 2 inch primaries headers like the pro parts or very similar, and also not deside yet on the rear suspension set up, i got 2 options for it, and one is keeping the stock leaf spring setup and add a set of caltracks or build a custom unequal lenght 4 link setup with coilovers, but lets see what happen when i get there, i got alredy the spring relocation kit from mancini and i will use it in eather one i deside!
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                          Sounds like it will be a runner! Clean car.
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                              Going to be a impressive little Dart.......
                              340 Swinger