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Building A Drag Pak Challenger

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  • Congrats on getting the best appearing trophy!
    My thinking is that your first few races are going to be your shakedowns. It is great to hear that it is running real strong.
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    • Good job!!!!!

      Originally posted by MoparMack View Post
      Guess I'll close the build thread with a report from Bradenton... We got to run on Friday and made two hits. First was a 10.38 @ 131mph... Brought the leave RPM up on the second and it went a 10.26 @ 133 mph... Pleased with this considering we are 155 lbs heavy and shifting gears at 6500 instead of 75 to 78.... First pass on Saturday went a 10.23 at 133.8 mph.... Went into first round of Stock Eliminator feeling good about the car but the driver hadn't been on the practice tree in a good while and it showed... Dead late... No just dead... Dialed a 10.26 and car ran a 10.27... Light killed us and we were done... But we put her up in one piece and had a great first outing.... Oh, we also got selected as "Best Appearing".... All the hard work did pay off... Picture below is leaving on first round on Saturday afternoon.....

      First time out with ANYTHING is never better than a guessing game, until you proved that wrong!!!! Will always be on your side out here, let me know if ya wanna come to Heartland Park so I can bring the ANGUS BEEF!!! I was asking about ya yesterday. NOW, go get some div. and champ points!!!:clapping:
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      • That was a great first time out. Well done.