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    I tried my hand at cabinet making last year. A good friend asked me if I would make them a kitchen island, oak face ond the other three sides covered in old tin. I tried and did a nice job, I point out every flaw in it and they have to hunt for them. We are our own worst critics. It looks great!
    I did a little bit of woodworking over the years. Hell, took advanced wood shop in school and built houses too but quickly found that wood working in the same shop as working on cars don't mix too well. My last project was a 7' tall x 4' wide book case and sold off the majority of my wood working tools. I kept my basic hand tools and a table saw along with a compound miter box and a router on only do small stuff anymore...things I can build out under my back carport and keep the garage doors down while I'm doing that.


    • All table saw, chop saw and sanding are outside jobs. The driveway is full of sawdust when I woodwork and the back yard is full of shavings when I use the planer. I need a big ass shop! Even sanding on the Barracuda is turning into an outside job.
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      • Finally got the 493 Engine in.. It runs, believe it or not. I think I have had that thing for 8 years, or dang close. Got some more items to do to it before I can hit the streets and then the track....
        His car wasn't that fast, I caught him on the return road and passed him in the pits.
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