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  • *poke* any more current plans or goings on?


    • There was a 70 super bee locally (383 4 speed purple) back in the early 80's little old lady (then!) owned.

      She stopped driving it and put it away for restoration at a later date.

      Last week i saw it at a shop ,stopped and sure enough it was the same bee.

      but in a "gone condition" shop was parting it out for a charger project.

      It was fiberglassed repaired back in the early days of it's life and the rust went under the glass and beyond.

      When i saw her son at a swap meet he asked me if i was the guy with the purple challenger!

      stopped driving that car in 1983 i think.

      The wife was shocked that someone remembered what i drove back then!

      Mopar car guys just don't forget,can't buy from them but they don't forget.
      2006 Town@Country loaded


      • Hey Glenn, count your lucky stars that non isn't hairyassing you about how long the Bee has been in storage hell. Yours has two years on mine! At least mine is in a million pieces and has had a good deal of modifications done AND I have a nearly complete big block on a stand


        • Glenn didn't start a progress thread and then not show pictures of any progress. You know I like pictures because I can't read. :P

          DJ.... I find I work better on other people's cars for some reason. Let's just swap cars and meet back in a year to find out what the other did, lol. Hell, you can't do any worse than a brown Volare stick car with a slant six 1 bbl. ANYTHING would be better. Moulin Rouge with orange interior would at least be some sort of different. I'm starting to not care and wonder if anything will ever happen with that dumb car.
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          • Well, I pretty much quit posting in that 'saga' thread since nothing was getting done in the past several months but someone keeps digging it back up from the depths of hell and throwing it in my face. I have worked on a lot of cars over the last 15 years but at least they brought money in instead of me spending....and the downturn in the economy body slammed me pretty hard and I'm just now getting back to where I left off....but does getting back to where ya once was really happen?


            • Woowwwwwww That tag on there is from the 80's... Gonna be fun when it is back on pavement hua....
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              • Originally posted by Cranky View Post
                ....and the downturn in the economy body slammed me pretty hard and I'm just now getting back to where I left off....but does getting back to where ya once was really happen?
                Cleaning and organizing don't cost nuttin' last I checked. Does nothing but good and only gonna benefit you once you do have the means and fire to kick that pig. I only jab at ya because we're all afflicted with the same butt-draggery when it comes to projects, myself no exceptions. Life's what happens while you are busy making other plans, so Mr Lennon said.

                Now.... back on topic and no more hijacking this thread from me.

                Hemibee.... are you going to stay with the same red/black combo on this car? Hood options or thoughts? ( I noticed the different hoods from first pic). Just curious what the wish list entailed Vs the thought process on factual abilities.


                • I do plan to keep the fresh air hood and red with white. Trying to convince the wife to let me modtop the car. And hemi the car. Money is the holdup! Last year wife's health stopped even the rr. RR is now nearly done, even tho I didn't get any coating done! Just needs fuel lines and a few more parts.


                  • dare to be different. Go with the '71 paisely top option.


                    As luck woul have it, Legendary has it in their clearance section.

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