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69 Superbee clone project

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    Wow... that's going to be a killer Bee. Nice work.
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      Any progress since last post?
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        Super Freak this is aw inspiring and there are a lot of things that I may want to do to my Bee just to preserve it. Cut open the cowl for one! Keep up the good work.


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          Progress pics

          Well I had to redo a little problem I encountered, I had to make a new rear cross member and replace the other one and what a dirty rotter of a job that was. I did not have clearance for the drive shaft like I figured because when I measured everything up before it was for stock location and going with the big 33" tires I forgot that my pinion center line was going to be higher, oh well I wasn't upset it is a learning curve.

          I had to cut everything loose including the cage in-order to get the new member back in and then re- weld it all back up. Still have to weld the two bars in where you can see the clamps at the base, just leaving them out until I get the small floor pans back in.

          I then got the fuel cell in, made the carrier cage for it and still have a few bars and gussets to add but ran out of bar yesterday and the supplier was closed.

          Picked up another hood for $200

          And I got a glass hood for the superbee but the fitment really sucks.

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          Thanks for the kind words guys.


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            You're doing great! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project. Keep it up.


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              Wow. That fitment is pretty rough. Thanks for the pics. Good luck continuing.
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                Wow! Thumbs up to ya!


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                  orange + tunnel ram = one very bee.

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                    Well this is where I'm at.

                    Made all my own brackets for the front and back of the ladder bars and upper and lower shock mounting brackets.

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                    The rear trunk pans made.

                    Sample of the tube fitment.

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                    Floor pans are made, just some tinkering left to do before I can install them.

                    Got everything welded up on the Dana by another welder who did the tubes to the housing and the brackets to the tubes.


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                      Really nice work!
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                        Wow, some great work! Looks like some nice progress.
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                          I enjoy seeing your progress. It will be worth it when you're done!
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                            WOW!! great work for sure!
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                              A little more progress to report.
                              I got the tunnel welded in place, the front floor pans weld in place and the main pans are riveted in place just in case I ever have to remove them but they are seam sealed.

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                              Got the new tabs for the upper fender and hood hinge mount welded on and got the fire wall complete, just doing a little filler at the bottom before I hit it with epoxy primer which I got a smoken deal on ( PPG ).

                              I just have to tinker where the steering column comes through.

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                              Got the lower driver side structure repaired, this section was rotted out. Once I got it opened up I shot blasted the area with my spot blaster using aluminum oxide. Weld through primer is used through out the process.

                              This is the inner structure repaired.

                              This is the piece I made for the outer structure.

                              And here is that piece welded in place and grinding completed.

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                              Started taking the roof skin off because of the tea bag affect it was sporting. The car originally came with a vinyl roof hence the tea bag affect. I have a donor piece but it is not complete so I would prefer to buy a complete skin from AMD. I found one from a 68 GTX back east but the shipping would be just stupid money and then all the work getting it off. The main roof structure is awesome other than a little flash rust really solid and no rust at all through out on the surface as well, the pics probably don't show this.

                              The lower section off the roof where it connects to the 1/4 panel is just shit and the lower corner of the window on both sides. Excuse the blue tint in the pic, my camera is going funky lately.

                              This is the donor skin off my parts car sanded down on the main surface.


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                                Wow, lots of work, but you're making it look nice!
                                The retard cannot comprehend that everyone else isn't.

                                "Vegetarians are cool. All I eat are vegetarians - except for the occasional mountain lion steak".
                                ~Ted Nugent