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72 Charger SE.. To SRT10 :)

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  • 72 Charger SE.. To SRT10 :)

    I'm from Windsor Ontario, Canada, and had a knack to get into a weird project.. I've always wanted to make it into Car Craft.. Here's my attempt
    I got rid of a girlfriend in January, and immediately, a 1972 Charger SE popped up on Craigs list, 29,500 original Miles, out of Sterling Heights Michigan.

    I bought it, imported it, and got right into it, stripped it down to bare steel, had it sand blasted, repaired the rust with new sheet metal.. Then the fun stuff, sub frame connectors.. Tubular QA1 K-member.. And a few other small suspension upgrades, Rack and Pinion from a '91 grand am GT, Hydroboost brakes, Hydraulic clutch.. Nothing too crazy..

    The engine was from eBay, out of Troy Michigan, damn it's nice having 'Murika so close, popped over, loaded it into the truck and stared at it for days.. 7'6" of engine on the shop floor is gonna fit in.. There?

    Custom motor mounts were made, custom transmission mount.. Custom everything in the front end, really.. Enough talking.. pictures..

    When I brought it home.. Damn it was cold..

    This took 15 beers to complete.. A flappy wheel, and patience..

    Oh god what have we got into.. Primed, and engine stuffs.

    In under it's own weight..

    In 2K prime, rough body work has been finished.. Over 100 hours in labour for me

    Rear end, fuel tank, for exhaust mock up (Actually it's out getting headers made now)

    And from Tuesday..

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    Cool project, I love the 3rd Gen Chargers as well.
    Welcome to the site!
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      Only 15 beers?? lol Welcome to the site!


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        Looks like a cool build.
        "Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy" Ben Franklin


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          Cool as hell man!