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Project 6.1 Hemi SRT Shaker Prowler

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  • Project 6.1 Hemi SRT Shaker Prowler

    Hey Mopar Style, Im new here. Its been a long build but checked out your site and thought I would share my modern mopar V6 to SRT Hemi story.

    My car was featured at this years Chrysler nationals in PA so may have met a few of you.

    I had a Prowler for over 11 Years. Back in the day the 3.5 was pretty nice but also wanted it to be a bit more of a modern hot rod. With the modern day Lx's and the new Hemi decided to make a move.

    Now doing this swap in a Prowler is no easy task. Its pretty much a custom build took over 12 months and involves a ton of fabication, electronics and patience to make it all work. The heart of the Hemi has a bolt on Trans and the prowler Tran set up is in the rear.

    The build is pretty detailed and the great folks over at Allpar put a nice article together below that walks through all of the key details of the project.
    click below

    I will put some of the key build picts below and look foward to seeing my fellow mopars on the street.

    You can see all of the videos and details also on

    Original Car before build

    Last picture the car as a V6

    V6 pulled

    First ever engine drop in of new 6.1 hemi

    This is a big motor

    Come to papa

    Drop it in

    It's in there and yes it fits

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    Pictured here is our custom bell-housing engine adapter to adapt the 6.1 Hemi engine to accept the prowler style drive shaft an rear trans. The rear engine mount is also integrated into the bell-housing.

    Modified pan

    Handbuilt headers and exhaust

    Custom shaker hood from a Challenger

    The first step was a custom trim ring.
    On the picture below you will see a aluminum ring around the shaker. This set the positioning and build up area that the shaker with come through from the engine.

    Then using tape the team laid out the build up outline design form the custom aluminum piece to be built, formed and attached to the hood. As you can see its slopes only leaving the top of the shaker sticking through. Very creative. See side view

    Hand built to match the shaker

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    Chrysler nationals
    First time seeing the car in person and short video of first reveal full wall around and engine Sound
    6.1 Hemi SRT Prowler first reveal and set up Chrysler nationals - YouTube
    6.1 Hemi SRT Prowler first reveal and set up Chrysler nationals - YouTube

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    Live on the dodge stage
    Here a few more of my favorite Picts for many that never saw it !

    You can watch the full Interview with SRT and Dodge here from the reveal

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    Nationals roll out and set up

    Rolling to the dodge interview

    Interview and full back ground on the car with dodge / mopar Custom

    Full road test

    6.1 SRT Hemi prowler road testing- day 1 - YouTube

    Feel free to post up your feedback!!
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      Nice work and interesting build, congrats on a fine car! That thing must run like a scalded dog.

      And welcome to the site, great first post.
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        I would have skipped the shaker and made an air grabber

        shaker just showing to much.

        You have some mad skills enjoy the ride thanks for sharing.
        2006 Town@Country loaded


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          Originally posted by gn300 View Post
          I would have skipped the shaker and made an air grabber

          shaker just showing to much.

          You have some mad skills enjoy the ride thanks for sharing.
          I get it on the shaker air grabber interesting.

          I thought the same thing when I first saw it but alot of space and cooling issues exist when doing big engine little car like a prowler.
          This shaker is made by afr for the hemi and is fully functional.
          The previous 6.1 built had a hood scoop we went more for the performance route and by the way the engine did not clear the stock hood so had to do something. It Defintaly has a different kind of over the top look.
          I guess anyone like me that would invest so much to make a car like this being bold and screaming hemi through the hood is part of the game looks pretty good in person and highlights the red on black theme.

          Do respect your comments. Aim is get as much cold air as possible. Engine bay is about 1/2 that of a challenger.

          It has water drains, k&n filter,directly ports to the intake, increases HP / flow is fully integrated into the hood design and Does work well. Every mod on this car has a performance function.

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            Cool build!


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              Real cool build!
              It is nice your's has the AC in it where the Howler didn't.
              I like the Shaker on it.
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                Wow! Great job on your build!

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                And welcome to the site!
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                  That's VERY !!!
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