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    I updated, but it wasn't posted.

    All's well, and the Durango should be finished being stripped to the frame today or tomorrow. Looking at early May to do the work, which is now likely to include a new floor for the wagon, and a custom wiring harness.

    Beyond those new items: the 6" frame stretch, new body mounts, conversion of the original gauges and lights for 12v, lower profile wheels, and of course modifying the suspension (possibly via airbags) all still on the main list.
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        Quick update: June is now the official start date for the "big operation". The Durango has been stripped down to the frame, minus wiring harness - which was incredibly complicated and impossible to remove from the body panels without damaging them anyhow.

        I still have all the computers and 95% of the wiring on hand, in case it's needed. But it looks like we'll need a whole new custom harness, hopefully one that can still give us some long-distance comforts like AWD transfer case settings, multi-speed windshield wipers and cruise control. I'll be researching this as the Durango's frame is lengthened and the wagon is prepped for the body swap.

        More updates as things happen!

        Nude '05 Durango photos:


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          New starting date for the big build is June - so I should have some big updates in the next few weeks. Body came off the Durango without much struggle... just several hours, a Sawzall, and a few blades. Some of the wiring harness was cut during the process (they really weave into all types of places you can't get it out from) but I kept it and all the computers, etc.

          Now hoping to have a custom harness built that will let us maintain some of the safety and long-distance conveniences - AWD transfer case, variable speed wipers, and cruise control. We'll see.

          Here's the Durango all stripped down:


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            Nice start so far.....
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