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DIRTY WHITE BOY'S 68 charger BUILD edit

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  • DIRTY WHITE BOY'S 68 charger BUILD edit

    i am transferring all my resto-mod info to this site so it will no longer be a link to a different mopar may take awhile so bare with me.thanx charlie keel

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    hey to everybody, just to let ya'll know, I CANT SPELL, so heres my charger story,it was 1967,i was 5 years old,was standing in my driveway & look next door & sitting in their driveway was a jj1 black top, 383 2b bucket seat, console,ac,power stg 68 charger & i still remember the feeling of awestruck at how the lines & look of that car made an impact on me,just the best lookin car EVER ,funny how still love these cars but not in poop gold,anyhow move to about 1976-77 ,had met a guy around the corner that had a bannana yellow 68 charger 318 he could drive i was to young ,& i was always lookin in the sheet cars for sale,found an ad at a used car lot off us59 for a black 68 charger,my buddy took me to look at it 150.00 was the price & all i had was my 10 speed bike that i had built from the trash that people threw away it was a schwinn frame, well they were going out of buisiness & he traded me for my bike & towed it to the apartments that i lived in,it did not run & right front torsion bar was out & someone had hammered the rear hex of frame so i couldnt put it back in, at that time i had no clue what to do,so i put a jack stand under it so the apartment managment would stop threatining to tow it away,anyway it had R/T on car but was a 383 h code i did some odd jobs & got a carb kit & rebuilt that old avs carb,put points & cond & got the car to run,not bad for a 13 year old,well the torsion bar issue i couldnt get help to fix & the apartment people wanted it gone so i sold it, cant find any pics of it,but have a pic of the yellow 68 of my friends

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    this is an example of the 1st charger i had seen,and what my project looked like when it was new

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    well then i got a 67 Pontiac tempest for 40.00 got it running then my mom said we were moving & the car was not comin with us ,so lost my car

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    my older brother was still freinds with our old neighbors that owned the jj1 gold charger & he wanted to buy the car & so did I ,mom said no to me but we made a deal that when my brother was done with the charger he would sell it to me,well i knew where that was going my brother tore up every car he ever had, i worked on that car tune up ,motor mounts, wash wax thinking that it would be mine some day,well he wrecked it all over,dents everywhere,he drank & did lots of drugs, about a month went by hadent seen my brother or car & he shows up & i ask where's the charger,he tells me it stopped running & he left it somewhere & it got towed away,so much for my dream car,a good buddy of mine had a 69 super bee that we played in the streets with & sold it to me on credit,wasent able to pay for it so gave it back to him,then found a 69 coronet h code for real cheap did some work to it got it running then mom says we are moving to dallas i said oh no,she went & i stayed here, coronet got towed off, one more lost, 1979,stayed with freinds & lived on the streets,got a job at hilo auto supply in 1980 & a customer had a 1968 gts 383 that he had taken apart & i bought it for 100.00 put it all together & had a cool car that was all mine,got a 70 road runner & painted it,that was my daily driver,about 83 got married ,sold both cars to buy a house,i wonder if the old gts still lives

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    the last pic of my dart was after i sold the car it was at houston international

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    my 70 road beater

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    that was the end of mopars for along time ,got involved with racin chebies

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    so as the story goes in jan 2011 sold my chevy dually & had my 85 iroc z that had been sitting for 6 years that i decided to get running 350 roller tpi,ported heads,small comp roller cam,well started putting money in to it & could not stop,it snowballed ,then i had a thought, i really want to sell the z & get a old mopar & started looking,old mopars are pricey i soon found out, saw a poop gold 68 on craigs list in texas, it was just like the very 1st 68 charger i ever saw i thought it was to pricey,still kept workin on z & spent about 6500 on it & im an auto tech,so thats all parts,fast efi system,self tuning i love it,any how still gotta get it sold to finish my charger,june 2011 got diagnosed with cancer & MS so i said thats it sellin my awsome hotrod 125 rear wheel hp 95 cid harley,couldent ride anymore, found the poop gold 68 charger in north texas was for sale again, the guys buyer fell through,went to look at the car & it was an identical twin to the one my brother lost, bought the car ,not much rust,very happy with the car,pretty much all original been sitting since 1981,needs complete resto,went through my cancer surgery & all good on that,thank GOD,sooooo been workin on my dream 1968 charger resto mod, having my charger in the garage was and is the best physical & mental therapy a man could ever want,the MS is a daily battle,but my life is in GODS hands & i have a 68 charger in my garage poor old iroc sitting on flat slicks
    1968 dodge charger resto mod

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    Good to hear you beat that cancer stuff. Looking foward to seeing more of your 68 build. As far as your spelling,,have you seen mine? LOL!!!!! Think I am at a 3rd grade level!
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      wife,puppy & iroc

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      painting iroc

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      the day i got my charger home,from BONHAM TX

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      also car has been sitting since 1981 and it moves under its own power
      1968 dodge charger resto mod


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        When I was 7, I went head over heels when the 58 Edsel was introduced LOL. I'm glad that feeling went away after a short time! But it was just so different than anything else on the road at the time....


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          also contacted the owner that owned it before the kid i bought it from,the kid[young man] was gonna make a gen lee out of it, here is some info from oklahoma....... Sounds like me alright. Can't remember the name of the kid I sold it to 5 or 6 six years ago but I think he said he was from around Sherman, TX and was going to restore it.

          I can give you the history of the car back to about 1974/75. A friend of mine (Dennis Lindsey) always had his eye out for Chargers and saw it sitting in a storage lot in Oklahoma City. He ran down the owner through motor vehicle registration and bought the car. He was working on it in the driveway one day and had it up on ramps and engine running when it slipped into reverse and shot out the driveway locking the wheels in a turn when it hit the driveway dip. Car was in a reverse turn with the door open out in the street without a driver. Dennis tried diving in through the open door to stop it before it hit any of the neighbors cars or kids when his leg got underneath the rocker panel and he got dragged underneath. I don't remember now just how or who got it stopped but it mauled him up pretty good and got the label as the killer car. Needless to say it went up for sale after that.

          I was in college at the time and didn't have the spare change to buy it myself but brokered a deal to sell it to another friend of mine in Arkansas name of Clint Myers. Clint and his dad I think rewired the dash for some reason but he only had it for about a year. By then I had acquired a 67 Malibu that got Clint's attention and so we traded. I think that was about 1978.

          I drove it for several years but fresh out of college, married and a new kid kinda put my plans to restore the car on hold and so it sat out at my in-laws place for several years after I moved back to Oklahoma City. Finally got a house with enough garage space to start working on it and that's about as far as it got for me. I started taking it apart and never had the time or money to do anything with it. Eventually got divorced but the ex let me keep the car in the garage for several years before finally giving me the ultimatum to get it out and that's when I sold it.

          Used to have a problem with the transmission seals leaking, both front and rear. Stout running car even though it had the low horse 383. I ran it with a Torker manifold and Holley 650 dbl pump, headers and Accel dual point distributor and it wasn't too shabby. I replaced wheel bearing on the passenger rear about 1979 but don't think I had to do anything else other than basic maintenance. I might have put a shift kit in the transmission but not 100% sure on that.

          As you know, it was originally gold with a black vinyl top. When I started redoing it, I wasn't going to replace the vinyl top since I think they look better without it. I think it had a small dent up around the passenger light rim but that was all I knew of till I started working on the rear quarter panels. Had a little body putty on the passenger side rear if memory serves and it looked like somebody had tried to doctor up the rusting around the bottom of the rear fender wheels. When I sold it to the kid in Texas, I think I included a few extra parts from some of my other Chargers that would fit but I believe it was complete although in pieces

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          well the work has started,removed front fenders & doors,cleaned all the factory undercoating off the inner splash aprons & stripped the outer fenders & cleaned off the undercoating on the inside of them,found that gasoline disolved that thick factory undercoating but be careful very flammable fumes look out for water heaters,you just might blow up,then sprayed with k2 epoxy

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          then i went to the floors & pedal assy's,& rebuilt upper a frames,used moog offset upper bushings so i could get more caster,stripped the inner firewall & floors,primed & painted black sigle stage urethane

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          well I'M sure this has been done before but just wanted to show yall what I did to my shifter,wanted to keep the stock appearing shifter in my charger,but ,hate the way they shift through the gears,so I converted it to cable ,to get rid of all that funky linkage ,& ground a slot on the top side of the detent so when your in 1st gear you bump the shifter & it locks at 2nd gear,the push the button down & push forward & it locks at third gear when you let go of the button you can go to neutral, if in neutral you dont have to push button for drive just pull it back & it wont go past drive, works like an aftermarket shifter ,but better imo thanx charlie keel
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          1968 dodge charger resto mod


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            next finished stripping engine compartment & srayed with clauson sealer & spayed black single stage

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            well then started on the hood with a 6pack scoop,not done yet

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            did putty work on fenders & been blocking them out,they are back on car so i can start getting all the body lines correct at the final blocking,and so i can finish welding the rt quarter panel on

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            also had to get my favorite pre school center line wheels

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            my restored fender tag & not very readable build sheet

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            wire brushed trunk pan & sanded till all rust was gone & used an epoxy to fill the pitting,it was not rusted through anywhere,after inside is painted will spray in bedliner the trunk floor

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            ok took the wiring harnesses apart & bypassed the fire hazard amp gauge & repaired any bad connectons,this is what i had to do for my rack & pinion coversion.......... believe it or not i hate typing,ok 1st thing wrong is the banjo fitting on the pump pressure side,should be a 45 deg not 90 to get the hose away from belt & pulley. 2-the lower stg column shaft & housing has a bearing support that the clamp they send you wont work,2big block chevy rod bearings halves work perfect,you put that part together & then drill 1/4 holes through the clamp & rod bearings & then you can put the factory bearing retainer screw back in & its nice & tight. 3,on the lower balljoints you heat up the area where the tie rod goes & bend it towards the inside so it shortens the length of the steering link of balljoint,all this has to be done without getting the ball seat of balljoint to hot as it will ruin the balljoint,you could just redrill the tapered hole closer to the pivot point to do the same & have it tig welded to add more material,cause it tapers down smaller where the hole gets drilled .with that done i can raise the front of car & set the toe & lower car & the bump steer is only .025 change total. -4 the ujont assy the send where it connects to the column shaft they say just drill a hole through it & hammer a roll pin in it,NOT ME,i drilled a hole through the coupler so it just goes through the edge of the shaft,i then cut a split in the coupler tapped it for 5/16 hard bolt & tighten it down,now it clamps down hard on the shaft & thats how all the other couplers are made,i dont know why the dident do it that way in the kit,i wasent gonna count on the 1/8 inch roll pin to not break,so now it bolted & safe,any questions & i will try to answer,,,, i tried to find balljoints with a shorter link arm but no luck,but that does not mean that they dont exist,the parts guys these days dont like to search for oddball things

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            the car has to be able to be moved,this is a mock up of parts,yet car does run,when my iroc z sells,i will then be able to build the engine,my a 518 overdrive trans is at the trans shop getting built,when the engine & trans are done will drop k frame,just undo upper bj's & a few other things, engine trans & all,then rebuild the rest of front suspension ,blast & paint k frame,the way i am doing this resto it is not creating that much double work,point is car is movable,& the next step is finish body & paint,then the drive train & everything will already be trial fitted i.e, headers,rack & pinion ect,ect
            1968 dodge charger resto mod


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              now for some fun stuff,440 source heads these are the new super stealth heads,the push rod is moved away from the intake port,i have just done a little flow work on them,not to bad for a 2.14 valve but im not done yet,they flow enough so far to make about 650.hp....@.650 they flow 315 cfm@28,,,remember racers this is a street car,out of the box the heads flowed 276,the offy tunnel ram flows real bad no fixin it without major heli arc work

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              well that took all day to update all my info lol,DONE for now will update as i progress
              1968 dodge charger resto mod


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                Nice work! That's going to be gorgeous, can't wait to see it finished.
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                  What rack and pinion kit did you use?



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                    it is a unisteer,read my install notes,to make it work correct,IT IS NOT JUST BOLT IT IN & GO,
                    1968 dodge charger resto mod


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                      not going to use this tunnel ram but i got bored & had to get a pic with it

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                      this is the 900 CFM EFI THAT MY BUDDY gave to me, it needs to be sent to holley for a wide band o2 upgrade ,its not as easy to tune as some of the newer set ups ,but its brand spankin new & free it will go on an indy single plane intake max wedge port,thanx DR FIX

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                      my 3 in stainless x pipe system magna flow

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                      some hemi springs i got from tony alley,he has a 69 hemi rr that he mini tubed & sold me the springs cheap

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                      junk tunnel ram just havin fun

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                      now for some garage shots,moral of the story is when doing a restoration you will need about 4 times more room than you think

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                      this is my jwbellhousing to convert my a518 overdrive for a big block

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                      this is my a518 overdrive

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                      my 3200 stall lock up converter

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                      alum rod for my 512 build

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                      got my flow bench home & now its cooler out side,im tryin to get a little work done on my heads
                      these are the 440 super stealth & this is for a street motor,my testing cyl adapter is 4.250 bore diameter, i will machine it to 4.4 when i can get to it.

                      short side work & max wedge port
                      .200 140 .200 160
                      .300 202 .300 220
                      .400 241 .400 260
                      .500 256 .500 290
                      .600 267 .600 314
                      .700 267 .700 334
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                      1968 dodge charger resto mod


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                        EFI sweet! And of course I have a set of brand new hemi springs I am not going to use... LOL! Go figure!
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                          got some more parts & installing outer wheel house.

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                          1968 dodge charger resto mod


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                            Doing nice work. Looks awesome!


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                              Thanks for the update!
                              "Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy" Ben Franklin