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    Good work.
    click 360 view a believe a;; holes are there


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      Thanks, and yeah I see them in the 360 view too, but I was lookin at Summit's Ebay Ad for them, and they say the Holes for alternator Brackets, etc., aren't drilled. And on Summits site they say yes for the same item, and Jegs doesn't say anything. So just wonderin, if anyone has used them and knew for sure, and also if they liked them.

      On a side note, My brother-in-law, his brother, and a few of my buddies keep tellin my to go too Indy. I had already did that, and Indy just sells these Edelbrock heads at various stages of machining and polishing. They didn't know what to say. Chevy boys...
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        Just uploaded video, hope this work.
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          It's been awhile, but here is an update on the 2015 race season. November 2014, my wife and I began tear down of the top end to put new heads, intake and cam in, since I knew I had a small oil leak, I pulled the oil pan and discovered some junk in the pan. Pulled pump, and found broken, cracked housing and main cap. Pulled rod caps, and main caps, found brass, Babbit completely gone, so pulled pistons, only two pistons still had rings in one piece. So my 2014 labor day weekend i was only running on 2 cylinders hence 16's and lack of rpm, so...
          Trip to machine shop with set of KB flat top pistons i found on ebay a few years earlier for a different project that didn't happen, decked the block .010", port matched the intake/heads, did a minor polish on the Eddy heads I bought. And I took the time to index the Spark Plugs...
          Thinking, 14's hoping for 13's...
          12.48 FIRST PASS!!!!
          I didn't have a lot of time to do any more tuning but my wife did reach 12.22. My only addition I'm planning is Harland Sharp 1.6 roller rockers and fiberglass hood with scoop, then get the rest of the body straightened out and painted. We are looking forward to 2016!
          Shiny. Lets be bad guys.


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            Thanks for the update and good luck on the next season.
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