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    hello,i have a question about my car build i am doing,can i post my pics of my progress with out using the link that i am using now,can face book be used as a host ,i am not computer savvy so go slow.thanx charlie
    1968 dodge charger resto mod

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    Just about anyplace that you can display a photo on can be used for a host. The list is endless. I don't use facebook but I would think so. I don't normally use Winhozed but normally you can right click on a photo on a website and obtain the URL

    For example, here's my car on this thread:

    To post one of those here, all I have to do is right click on the desired photo and look at properties. In this case the URL is:

    To post it here just "go advanced" at the bottom of your post, and select the little blue frame icon (5th from bottom right) "insert image" which will pop up, a box to insert the URL of your photo

    Sometimes I use It works OK for simple, some things. Make sure you size your photos down. Most websites "don't like" larger than 800X600, or 600X.......
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      Join Photobucket then bring picture up and then click IGM code bottom of 4 on right (will say copied
      then past here by keystroke Control V


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        1968 dodge charger resto mod