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  • Another 67 notchback

    This one just fell into my lap. Bought it yesterday evening. I couldn't turn it down but I do have my work cut out for me. Already have 440 and 727 ready for it.

    stercus accidit

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    Just throwing out some ideas

    This isn't an idea though, it's a must.
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      Good luck on your build,I am looking foward to following it.
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        Thanks for the ideas nonstick. I been thinking of red, black or purple, can't decide right now, I think the "shine" is kicking in! lol

        Steve, It will be a lot of work and time but I think I can make it into a decent driver. I need a passenger side door glass first thing! Got one? I bet ole Cranky has one! lol!
        stercus accidit


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          opar salvage

          A friend of mine told me just today about a small salvage yard about 20 miles north of me today. he said it has from heavy equip to semi's but most of his cars and light trucks are about 80% Mopar! he said the guy is a mopar fanatic, he's gonna take me there this weekend to go see it. I WILL post what I found and a way to contact him if Fred is right for all of you.
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            I vote black or the color that's on it. That color on it is so low-key that it's hard-core.

            Doesn't look too bad overall. Lots of surface, a bit from the quarters- floors are toast along with trunk?

            The door glass is gone on it? That's not too hard to come by.
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              That's kool on the mopar salvage hemisatellite, let us know what you find?

              Got it home tonight and was brought to me, life is goood. lol Trunk floor is pretty good with just a couple of dime size holes. Can't see the floors for all the stashed parts that were removed from the car and tossed inside, seats, all the trim, door panels etc. It's a fkng mess but seems to have a good solid body and frame so it's something to start with.
              It is a 273 2v with column shift automatic. hell, that's all I know about it at this moment but I'll be all over it tomorrow to really see what it is.
              need some zzzzzzzz's.........
              stercus accidit


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                Drivers door glass was a bitch to find for me. Now They seem to come out of the
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                  Several on ebay and another site but can't remember the other site's name... crs nowadays. lol

                  Just came in for a manwich and suds. The car has a stock looking 318 with a 2 barrel carb. Bigger than dime size holes in the tire well, more like pack of cigarette size, (2)
                  Floor pans are rotted and pass side 1/4 needs a patch panel. Nice car! lol
                  Back to work now..
                  stercus accidit