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    speeddemon ...... Nice ride you have . i like it.

    sleeper status........ oh well they will get over it . LOL :ROFLMAO:


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      Didn't realize how much engine setback that's available on these. Got to move the trans dip stick but that's not a big problem. The V6 isn't so bad but the V8 sits in the same place as far as the rear cylinders go and that's nearly 2 whole cylinders that's ahead of the spindles. Lots of nose weight on these trucks. I know first hand how much understeer the V8 trucks have...the V6's handle much better but the V8's can be 'made' to handle better with the throttle


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        Cool looking truck SB Dakota!

        Shawn...I dont think I ever saw pics of your truck before...
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          Originally posted by RAM MAN View Post
          but being all tubbed like that, I think you are going to loose your sleeper status
          With mini trucks I'll have to disagree.

          It's hard to tell if they've actually built them or if they are going for a "look" with their driver. :ROFLMAO:
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