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    This vehicle has been a race car much of its life, follow the project as it goes with each new problem as we dig deeper and deeper into its hidden past.

    Dan Newbolt did a close check of what was in front of us, it was discovered it was in need of serious repairs with the rusted condition covered with "Bondo" and paint:

    • quarter panels, inner rear quarter panels, you name it if it could rust we had it on this project.
    • the car had been hit in the rear at one time, then repaired with lots of "Bondo".
    We took the car to our local drag strip Bandimere's Speedway in Denver CO before starting the rebuild process to see how it performed, check weight and handling. After a short testing period in 2004 we felt it was in need of help.

    "PROJECT MOPAR" was reborn, work would be completed at a local restoration, race car shop "HOLESHOT AUTOMOTIVE" in Commerce City, Colorado. We really would like to thank Mr. Daniel Newbold for his advise and top rate workmanship.

    2004 When purchased with the car's original setup it went across the scales at 3425 lb. without driver. Our testing in Denver CO at a mile high we had a best of 12.98 ET @ 101.26 mph. Almost a second slower than its best time when in competition in Brainred, MN several years before, if told the truth? We realized the car would be slower being a "Mile High" in Denver CO, thinner air than MN which it was.

    The car under went a rotisserie restoration with most damage in the rear, quarter panels, innner panels to floor pan needing straightened where the driveshaft got loose at one time.

    01. Taking car apart: $$$
    02. Exterior media blasted and painted original FK7 Plum Crazy Purple: $$$
    03. Trunk floor pan, wheel housing, trunk interior panels and filler trunk panel replaced. Lower quarter panels have been replaced: $$$

    <TABLE width=620 height=1><TBODY><TR><TD height=1 width=596>04. Replacement of all window regulators with elect. units on doors only (a big weight savings): $$$</TD><TD height=1 width=10></TD></TR><TR><TD height=1 width=596>05. Rebuilt Bad 904 Transmission: $$$
    06. Replace Stock Eliminator Engine 340: $$$

    07. Rebuild Bad Axles & Gear Set: $$$
    08. Primer, Preparation for paint: $$$
    09. POR-15 Under Carriage: $$$
    </TD><TD height=1 width=10></TD></TR><TR><TD height=1 width=596>10. Painless wiring with fuse panel in glove box compartment for easy access: $$$
    11. Original dash restored by CT Dashes, with completed with Autometer instruments: $$$
    </TD><TD height=1 width=10></TD></TR><TR><TD height=1 width=596>12. 15x3.5x28 Hoover Radial tires on 15x3.5 Weld Centerline Wheels – front. $$$</TD><TD height=1 width=10></TD></TR><TR><TD height=1 width=596>13. 15x12x30 Good Year tires on 15x10 Weld Centerline Wheels – rear. $$$</TD><TD height=1 width=10></TD></TR><TR><TD height=1 width=596>14. Fuel cell in trunk with Barry Grant Elect Fuel Pump and filter, braided safety fuel lines. $$$</TD><TD height=1 width=10></TD></TR><TR><TD height=1 width=596>15. Along with motor upgrades, an MSD 6-AL ignition and second stage rev limiter system was install with rev. limiter button mounted on the left side of the brake pedal to be more consistence with launching the car $$$</TD><TD height=1 width=10></TD></TR><TR><TD height=1 width=596>16. Original longitudinal stripe and R/T emblems where replaced with new items on fenders and side panels: $$$</TD><TD height=1 width=10></TD></TR><TR><TD height=1 width=596>17. Original style pin strip added and clear coated: $$$
    18. Fiberglass hood had to be repaired: $$$
    </TD><TD height=1 width=10></TD></TR><TR><TD height=1 width=596>19. Passenger side mirror, radio antenna, wipers, sun visors and filler fuel cap removed and holes filled: $$$</TD><TD height=1 width=10></TD></TR><TR><TD height=1 width=596>20. New bucket seats and carpet, removal of the rear seat: $$$</TD><TD height=1 width=10></TD></TR><TR><TD height=1 width=596>21. New headliner and carpeted area: $$$</TD><TD height=1 width=10></TD></TR><TR><TD height=1 width=596>22. All interior side panels dyed to original Black interior color: $$$

    </TD><TD height=1 width=10></TD></TR><TR><TD height=1 width=596>* I'm sure we have missed a box load of small items needed to fix old problems.</TD><TD height=1 width=10></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

    2005 after a year’s worth of changes the car was 3165 lb. without driver. A pretty good diet for an all steel street legal car other than the fiberglass hood which is not the light weight model. Our testing in Denver CO at a mile high we had a best of 11.91 ET @112.95 mph.

    2006-2007 the car was now 3125 lb. without driver with changing to disc brakes on the front, our testing in Denver CO had a best of 11.68 ET @119.15 mph.

    2008 the car weighting the same 3125 lb. without driver, our testing in Salt Lake UT (900 feet lower than Denver). We had a best of 11.28 ET @121.11 mph.

    Sad to say the car has been sitting on blocks since then as time has been a problem trying to take care of family needs, work, etc...

    “Mural Persuasion”
    Mark Twain 1891

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    Nice Challenger!
    "Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy" Ben Franklin


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      where ya been Barry.....looks like maybe a little busy Yes we're still open


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        Originally posted by Fugly View Post
        where ya been Barry.....looks like maybe a little busy
        Hey old friend,

        Long story, moved - changing states, new house, went back to work part time that turned into 50 hours a week. Brother-in-law had a stroke and found cancer, now finishing basement to move him in. I'm too freekin' old for this stuff.

        Then at work I'm the "Antique Firearms Consulant" for a large sporting goods group. Had a 47 gun collection come in, checked by three "Gun Checkers" came to me with chamber flags, trigger locks - saying they are clear of any ammo. The last gun for me to price and remove all the safety checks (chamber flags, trigger locks) is laying across my knees, sitting on a stool. Remove the chamber flag and trigger lock and closed the bolt. BANG the damn thing went off with the bullet going into a fire door (it stayed in the door thank God). This was in a concrete vault, that was like having a fuel rail start and you don't have hearing protection. This company fired the three checkers, the store manager and me. I reported it to the Company Workers Comp Insurance, the State of Utah -
        Industrial Accidents Div.- Unemployment Claims Department - Utah Occupational Safety and Health Division - United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration - National Rifle Association - Firearms Safety. That got everyones attention.

        Now putting up with hearing loss and balance issues, severe headaches 7X24 since accident, wrenched neck and shoulders.

        Like the old saying "I thought everyone had done their job" my part was "assuming".
        “Mural Persuasion”
        Mark Twain 1891


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          Wow....I guess I have had it easy....Pming you my phone number case ya get bored...
 Yes we're still open


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            Nice car. Lots going on. Take care.


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              Welcome back Barry, the Challenger still looks good.Sorry to hear about the other stuff.
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                Originally posted by 80 Aspen RT View Post
                Welcome back Barry, the Challenger still looks good.Sorry to hear about the other stuff.
                Hey bud,

                I'm screwed up but otherwise happy, hell I always figured I wouldn't get to be 50 - 21 years after that thought I'm still kicking.
                Wonder what the next 50 looks like??? :ROFLMAO:

                My old man always told me "you come into this world; bald, no teeth and soiled drawers". He would then smile and say "your going out the same way you came in, deal with it". He would wait a few minutes then reply "hope I keep my teeth, still like to eat, screw the rest".

                Have a good evening guys. :yeah that:
                “Mural Persuasion”
                Mark Twain 1891


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                  Great Project. Welcome back to Style, sorry to hear about the issues with your health.
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