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Wanted (really "needed") truck wiring harness

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  • Wanted (really "needed") truck wiring harness

    looking for engine comp wiring harness from an 88 360 4 barrel truck or RC. Needs to have been from an auto/A/C truck. From the bulkhead out. NOT from a fuel inj. truck. That is what we are getting away from, the 88-92 TBI is the absolute pits/ would rather deal with Lean burn vs TBI.... We have a Freshly built, 360 4 bbl engine, mechanical fuel pump, and carb'd truck gas tank already in place.
    Harness from an 87 MIGHT work, not 100% positive, I know the bulkhead connectors are the same on an 87 as this truck. I also know that one from an 85 WON'T work, unless we also swap out the under dash portion of the harness because of the terminals on the bulkhead being different.
    Located in Illinois so, no, I can't come to the South or West and pull one myself..... need it complete, and priced with shipping. and (carefully) removed from truck. PM me here

    this is for my son's 89 RC.