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info on fan shroud for 66 Charger

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  • info on fan shroud for 66 Charger

    A young friend (18) just got a 66 Charger that he says is running a little warm. It doesn't have a shroud and he wants to know if that could be the reason and if a shroud would be specific for his car. I'm more into trucks so need help getting him an answer. Thanx.
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    Prices range from $36 to over $500
    All throttle , no bottle .


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      shroud can be the reason but so could be:
      1. Timing too low - Set to what is recommended
      2. Clutch on fan won't get fan to spin up fast enough give fan a spin by hand and see if too light. Watch with motor running at idle to see if spinning at about the same speed as water pump
      3. No spring in bottom radiator hose causing hose to collapse - put a spring in it
      4. Thermostat not opening up all of the way - cheap insurance to just change it
      5. Radiator rows clogged up - take a laser temp reading of top hose and bottom hose to see if the water is cooling
      6. Air in system - take off cap (when car is cold) and look at the water flowing through the filler at a good rate
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        Thanks guys. When I get to see the car I'll know where to look for the problem. I want to encourage the youngsters to get interested in the classics and he's a really great kid.
        Remember, if you run out of projects, you die!