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EQ Magnum head issues?

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    well this forum isn't "hopping" near as much as it used to be when I was a more "regular" participant, lots of familiar names that I remember from here aren't apparently seen any more.... I wonder what's up with some of them.... but I have an overdue update for Shorty and any others that might still be here, (and as a place to save it as kind of a "record" for myself to look back on)

    I got the 2nd replacement engine in a couple weeks ago, with these troublesome heads installed on this short block HOPEFULLY fixed right this time----- whittled away at it in the days since... got it running again yesterday…. so far it sounds great.... too quiet IMHO.... even the wife commented on that and said something about putting duals on it... haven't taken it out of the garage yet, got a few other loose ends to wrap up... and get it cleaned out, as it has become sort of a "storage unit within the garage"--- including totes and folded up tarps on the top of it.... and full of spare parts and extra camping gear inside.... before I can try and drive it. had to go 35 miles to work yesterday to get my scanner so I can check the parameters.... that will be today.

    one thing I did find. was that while I had the Y pipe in the vise to grind off my welds from when I put the new cat in (that I had to cut back off) I had a large chunk of broken cat converter guts fall out of the Y pipe... told ya the cat got melted.... with the blockages in the exhaust, I can see that as being a reason for the computer going goofy back then..... but would the stuck valves played a part? IDK if this may have been part of the original cat from this truck.... would explain the "would not go even 50 MPH" when I got on it 1/2 mile from the house on the initial test drive with the 1st replacement motor.... I know that would not have caused the valves to stick.... trying to put the "timeline" of failure together-- what happened 1st, did that cause the next part of the problem or was there multiple, unrelated issues at play or what?
    my mind is quite jumbled, trying to piece this thing together....

    It runs again, I didn't put a cat on it at this time, but rather a "cheater pipe" for the time being.... and a trick I learned on another vehicle I worked on that had a "catalyst efficiency code" a while back, that will hopefully keep the check engine lite off... that one still had its cat, but a recurring code.... on some vehicles the cat can be doing 95% of its job and only lost 5% of its capacity to throw that CEL.... I have already bought 1 new cat for this thing that wound up in the scrap heap.... I ain't buying another to wind up in the same place.... so itll stay off, til I verify the fix.

    136k mile short block, re gasketed, new freeze plugs and double roller timing chain..... otherwise untouched internally.... with this set of refurbished EQ heads....
    lets see how this plays out