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1955 Plymouth Gauge Problems

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  • 1955 Plymouth Gauge Problems

    Haven't seen much in the forum about these older cars so decided to start a new thread. I subframed my '55 Belvedere with a '77 Diplomat front frame so that I could gain some more modern things like torsion bars, power disc brakes, power steering and so on. Am using a warmed up 318 with a 904 for power. When I took out the wiring under the dash I was not super careful as far as marking wires as I knew I was going to switch to 12 volts with a negative ground for electrical power. The '55s all had 6 volt positive ground systems. I pirated heater, defroster, and windshield wiper motors out of a '56 Plymouth which got me to 12 volt negative ground for those. Also bought the gas and temperature gauges out of that car. In '56 they went to idiot lights for oil and my oil gauge had a direct pressure line to the engine so no change needed there. Anyway the 56 fuel gauge I am trying to get working has 2 terminals on the back. One threaded post with a nut to hold the wires and one is a receiver for a small plug in type terminal end. The tank sending unit is reading around 8 ohms which is about right for the amount of fuel in the tank. No matter which way I hook up the 12 volt power lead and the tank sending unit I am getting no response on the gauge. There is continuity through the gauge so think that should be OK. There are some fabric washers on the gauge mounting screws so it appears that the gauge itself is not supposed to be grounded? I have found a brand new gauge but it's spendy and am reluctant to buy it if I don't need it. Any help out there?
    Rear of Gauge