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  • Radiator

    Well the radiator in my 70 sprung a leak. And reading over at Summit, seems a lot of Griffin radiators have sprung leaks after three to five years or longer. This one was new in 2012 from the previous owner. So reading on the internet it seems that I can get it import for $200, or a USA made for $300. And both of these have lifetime warranties. USA is where I will go.

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        I have bought a couple of Champion radiators over the last 2-3 years, and so far so good. These do have a lifetime warranty. Strangely for my 78 Fury they had a direct fit, everything bolted up perfectly but when we bought the one for my son's 89 Ramcharger, we had to get one for a 10 year older Dodge truck, they didn't have a "direct fit" for the 89..... there are a lot more 80s Dodge trucks still running around than late B bodies. He had to drill extra holes in either the core support or the mount tabs on the radiator, and we have yet to find a fan shroud that will work with this one, he's looking at getting one custom fabb'd . this is needed because of improved cooling (of course) but also as a safety measure. I went to adjust the fast idle cam on the carb and gad a stubby screwdriver in my hand, I accidentally dropped it, went into the fan and punctured the radiator. He took it out and took it to a local radiator shop that was able to fix it, but obviously now any warranty it had is now void. I do agree 5000% with "buy American" in the OP's case.


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          I use AFCO aluminum radiators in my race cars and find the to be of high quality at a decent price. I went through a number of crap 2, 3 and even 4 row radiators on my Magnum. I'm not sure if AFCO makes one with a trans cooler in bottom tank, but if Ineed one for a muscle car, I'll go with them and a B&M transcooler.

          In my Superbird, I bought a high dollar factory appearing aluminum radiator from Mancini and painted black
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