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  • Removing cat

    I've never modified my street vehicle exhaust since before catalytic converters have been around. Recently, I bought a clean '91 dodge 250 van from the original owners. 318, long wheelbase, no windows, not a maxi.
    I'd like to put headers on it and run a dual exhaust system, and just eliminate the cat. This is a TBI engine, all stock. Is it more trouble than it's worth, and if not, what, exactly, am I looking at doing to make it work well?

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    I don't think they had the full plug in monitoring yet, but not sure. On my 86 Grand National, it was old enough to where emissions testing was by tailpipe sniffer (As was my 93 Allante) on a dyno instead of plugging in. I had a set of car eliminator pipes made and would bolt the cats on once a year for inspection. The last few years of inspection I didn't even bolt them on and passed emissions. My guess is you're good as far as computer not yet handling so much of the monitoring and adjustments in 1990.
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      Cool. I'll give it a shot. I've got several sets of SB headers for pickups, I was thinking of seeing if one of those would fit, if not, even a set of black huggers would probably be better than the cast irons.


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        Plug in emission testing didn't start until the OBD II started in 96. Go for it and see what happens. Here, once the vehicle is 25 years old, they do not test emissions but do a visual but so far, I haven't seen any inspection techs look underneath a vehicle in many many years.


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          Testing isn't a problem here, either. We don't even have vehicle inspections! I love Kentucky!


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            I am 1 county removed from testing here in Illinois.... my 96 Dakota has been stripped of its cat, still running both upstream and downstream O2s and no check engine light in 5000+ miles.... as long as they don't start inspections and that light stays off it will remain catless. not the 1st wont be the last that I do this to either... I treat the cat converter like an iuninvited house guest, it can stay unless/until it causes issues, then buh-bye... I replaced the one on the 01 Durango with its new engine... ran great in about 2 hours of on n off running for break in in the garage.... maiden voyage and it glowed red hot within 6 miles and self destructed itself.... Durango has been parked since for other reasons..... like life getting in the way and my son piling his crap in my garage in the way so I can't get to it, kinda buried at the moment.... had been having computer issues leading up to overhaul, thought I had them solved with a remanned brain box but I guess not.... and that year has to have the damn VIN programmed into the brain or it will start, run about 10 seconds and die...