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  • 1946 Dodge Pickup

    I'm building a 1946 Dodge Pickup street rod. 340 CID with 727 trans,all old school with new components and electrics. Presently I'm running (trying to run) an aftermarket Mopar electronic ignition kit (orange box) with an Accell 140001 coil and 150001 resister. The system fired on the first crank ran and well for about 10 - 15 minutes then quit. The same system was in place when the engine was rebuilt and on the Dyno pushing 412 horse and 417 pound torque. it was run there for several hours for a good break in with minimal valve spring pressure, once everything was worn in the correct springs were installed and the Dyno tests run.

    The engine will start and run when the starter is cranking (ing. #2 starter engage) but dies the minute I release the starter button. Replaced the resister and coil. I measured 11.45 volts at the hot side (Ing. #1 key on) of the resister, 1.85 coming out the outlet side (to coil positive & start side) and 0.8 to 1.5 Ohms resistance. Verified all the wiring has good connections grounds etc I am pulling my hair out any ideas out there? I've replaced the coil. resister and ECU now running a chrome ECU same issue. If I keep changing parts I;ll need to invest in a parts house. I changed nothing other that the mentioned parts after that 10 to 15 minute initial run Frustrated old man! LDB4

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    Man that sounds so Ballast Resistor. I stopped buying the Mopar Performance Orange and Chrome boxes as they're junk in the last few years, and just get the O'Reillys which are less junk for 1/4 the price. The running with key on and shutting off when releasing key is released is something related to the Ballast resistor.

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