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Big Block 727 Dust Cover

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  • Big Block 727 Dust Cover

    Hi. Been years since I've posted anything here, so I hope this is the correct forum..

    I recently bought and am using as my daily driver an 86 Ram 250. Original drivetrain is long gone, people who I bought it from swapped in a 383 and 727. Unfortunately, the dust cover for the 727 is missing.
    I've found a replacement, now I just need to know what the original bolt size is for the 4 required bolts..

    Can anyone help me out?


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    They're short - like 3/4" long. I'm guessing 3/8 fine, but that's a guess as I leave them off my race cars so I can frequently check torque on the converter bolts. That's why I have a bucket of used bolts, so I can look for right size before going to hardware store.
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      they are 1/4 x 20 3/4 inch long