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  • Auto body morphing

    Okay ! Here's the deal . I like '70,'71,'72 Dodge Dart swingers more than I like the Demon I got . So,,,,, I bought a '73 Dodge Dart swinger 4 door because I was told that the only difference between the 2 is the roof , the doors , and the rear door quarters . So ! Is there any Mopar body man in here that can say for certain that this is the case , or not ?
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    I put '70 Duster front sheet metal, and a grille from a '69 Valiant on a '76 Dart hardtop body and had very few issues. The bumper mounting required the most work, but even that was not a big deal. That was over twenty years ago, so I don't recall much detail of the swap, but I do recall that it looked really nice and I wish I still had the car.
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      I'm gonna have to post up some pics of both cars so you can get a full spectrum

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    Okay take a good look at the back glass area . I'll post up another picture of the Demon in about the same area . Got'em . See the difference
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