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  • GTX trim

    Received a clip kit for side trim on a 69 GTX convert. There were 8 metal clips included with nuts. I was told that they were for the rear quarter trim. There are 5 holes in each rear quarter. The old clips were all plastic on the rear quarter. I have only removed 1 rear quarter trim. Want to polish them one piece at a time. I thought the metal clips were for the leading edge of all the trim except the rear quarter because you can't get a nut in there. Can somebody set me straight.

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    You sure they are not for the trunk chrome?


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      The kit was supposed to be just for the side trim. Actually there is 6 holes in the rear quarter panel. The trunk panel has 6 nuts on it.


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        I would have to look at mine but I think some of the long pieces use the metal pieces on the ends


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          Just took off the piece in front of the rear wheel and it has a metal clip on the front. Maybe all the pieces use the metal clip except the ones behind the rear wheel.