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440 - Best Intake & Carb???

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  • 440 - Best Intake & Carb???

    Hi guys,

    Instead of rebuilding the tired 383 in my 70 Challenger RT, I bought a recently rebuilt 440. It's bored .030" over, has a Mopar 557 cam, 906 Heads, Mopar M1 aluminum single plane intake manifold, Holley DP carb, long tube headers, is claimed to have 500hp/525tq. Previous owner claimed it ran 12.8 in the 1/4 mile in his 69 Coronet. He has decided to keep the intake and carb, so I would like to know what will work best on this engine. It will be used 90% of the time as a cruiser to car shows and local cruise nights and then 10% of the time at the drag track posing as a 383 car. Based on my research so far, I'm leaning toward a Mopar dual plane aluminum intake or the Edelbrock Performer RPM for less hp and more tq. For the carb I'm wondering if I should just run the Edelbrock AVS 650cfm (1806) that was on my 383, or get a Edelbrock Performer 750cfm carb for it? I'm just not sure if the 650 is too small for the 440 seeing as its not stock. One other thing I will have to figure out is which stall speed torque converter to run with this engine...

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    650 is definitely on the low side if you are going to wind it up at all. A 750 should work, I'm not a Performer RPM intake fan but most of my experience is in small blocks. Stick with a dual plane of some description for sure though if you want to street it a lot. Some of the other guys running more big blocks will chime in.


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      I think the performer manifold will be a good choice, and if it were me I'd be going with the 750 carb.


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        Do you want more streetable, or quicker on track.

        If you want to be streetable, do what Ted said and go with a dual plane intake like an Edelbrock performer (Air Gap if you have hood clearance) - which is a spread bore dual plane, but I'd might try the The Holley Street Avenger 770 cfm - which has choke and Vacuum secondary. It is a square bore so you need to get a Edelbrock Spread to Square adapter, which takes another .8" from hood clearance.

        If you're willing to give up some streetability for a tenth or two, then I like the Victor over The M1 and maybe go with a 850 4150 if to have 500+ hp. If you're not going to go to the track more than a couple of times a year, go streetable.
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          I talked to my engine builder last night and we have a plan. We are going to replace the Mopar 557 cam (3000-6700rpm), with a Hughes Whiplash cam (1500-6500rpm). Install an Eddy Performance RPM intake, and use my Eddy AVS 650 carb. We will also install a 3000 stall converter in the 727 trans. Does anyone here have experience with the Whiplash cam? I have only read good reviews so far, and it seems like itís exactly what Iím looking for. From the videos Iíve watched, it actually sounds meaner then the Mopar 557 cam at idle but then starts making power 1500rpm sooner than the 557. You could almost say the best of both worlds.


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            I really like the Hughes cams. They are all designed to take advantage of the large diameter Mopar tappet.
            I also did a little math and @ 85% VE the 650 carb will be good up to 6000 RPM.
            It's just my opinion but I would still go for the bigger carb.



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              Off the beaten path but for a mostly street car with a few trips to the track, I like the old TQ carbs. Nice small primary front throttle plates and huge secondaries. If you know how to work on and tune them, they can give nice mpg and pretty decent performance.


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                Hey guys, I finally got the 440 installed, and running. We broke in the cam at my cousinís garage and noticed it didnít sound right when we were done and let the rpms come down to an idle. So I trailered it to the guy who did the engine work and he quickly realized it was only running on 4 cylinders, and making an excessive amount of clatter under the valve covers. Sure enough he removed the covers and 3 out of 4 push rods went right through the rockers on one side and 1 of 4 on the other side. Attached is a video of it running on 4 cylinders after the half an hour cam break in process.



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                  The engine builder replaced the bent push rods, and replaced the original rockers with some expensive crane rockers. Itís running better now, or at least on 8 cylinders anyway. It still needs to gone through and have the timing set up, carb, etc. I can tell you this, the Whiplash cam does have an extremely radical idle. Here is a video of the stock 383 running with long tube headers, 3Ē dual exhaust, h-pipe, and flow master super 10 mufflers.


                  Here is a video of the 440 with the exact same exhaust system. Itís a little hard to tell in the videos, but the 383 was surprisingly quiet and reserved with this exhaust system. The 440 however is insanely loud. It honestly sounds like open headers, it sounds like a drag car. Every time I fire it up my neighbors all come to their windows to see what the noise is all about. Apparently it actually shakes the windows of the house directly across from us, lol.