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Having Problems on MoparStyle, get Help by Submitting a Support Ticket

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  • Having Problems on MoparStyle, get Help by Submitting a Support Ticket

    I've added a new Help and Support site, exclusively for those having problems those having problems Registering, Logging On, or Posting at MoparStyle.

    In a nutshell, some of the most common reasons for connectivity problems at MoparStyle are:
    • Browser
      • Very old version (Update your browser)
      • Plugin or Add-on conflict (Try disabling one addon or plugin at a time to find offender)
      • Corruption in browsers cookies or history (Delete your cookies and history, close browser, restart computer and try again)
      • To eliminate your browser being the issue, try another browser. I prefer Google's chrome since I use Windows 10, and have never ad a problem in MoparStyle
    • Anti Virus and/or Firewall
      • Some event happened where your software limited or blacklisted the site. Check your black list and remove an entry of site
      • White list
      • There are so many different brands of Anti-Virus and Firewall, that it is impossible to cover all the different ways to maintain. Just be aware that it can be the problem and a little investigating into the event lists will often find the problem.
      • You can confirm or eliminate your anti-virus/Firewall by momentarily turning off firewall and trying again.
    • Not clicking activation link sent to you in a confirmation email immediately after Registering. If you didn't get a confirmation email, it is most likely somewhere between my mail server and your in box
      • It might be in your Spam box or trash can because your spam settings are too tight for the email to make it to your in box. White list anything coming from or at least
      • Your email provider way over filters. Yahoo use to block confirmation emails from Vbulletin sites. One option is to get a gmail address and try again.
      • If you feel like you have your email straightened out, you can request another activation link sent to you through your User CP
    There is a solution to every problem, and when there's a will there's a way. I want to Help you, but yo do have to show a little effort doing the things on your end, as I don't have the ability to do those things for you, and those issues will cause you issues on other sites eventually. If after putting in an honest effort with my suggestions above you still have problems, Submit a support ticket and I'll try to help.

    Click the HELP ME link kn the Navbar for a very full feature Knowledgebase, and/or to submit a support ticket.

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