So my Thanksgiving has been spent trying to figure out why no one is receiving confirmation emails, and why deleting the wordfence-waf.php file in the Root hoses the site.

First, scanning the Interweb has a ton of people still having WordPress sites having problems and a solution (deactivate plugin, uninstall it, and remove files - well duh), but I found no one else having uninstalling their Word Press Site still having this. I scanned through the php info in the VB admin cp and found the php.ini contains
auto_prepend_file /home/moparstyle/public_html/wordfence-waf.php
and that the php.ini file on my server is located at /opt/alt/php56/etc/php.ini, however I don't appear to have access to that directory with a FTP application. I'm betting that it is one layer below my shared hosting access. I need to research if I can modify using CURL (maybe above my paygrade) or make a call to support and get through the first layer of fix stupid questions to someone with WHM access and knowledge of php.ini configuration.

On the mail, I started scanning through the mail directories using FTP and found returned mail in the default CUR box. I downloaded a couple of samples and read using Note++, finding gmail rejected for spam or virus. They were neither, so I assume that there's a false spam blacklist entry. I talked to a couple developers at VB and one suggest that I sign up for a Mail Gun account for developers and use them for API or SMTP, but didn't offer any experience with it. I signed up with Mail Gun for a subdomain email account ( and then went to my Registrar and made the six required DNS entries on TXT, MX, and I forget the third type. We're again drifting above my pay grade, but always willing to learn and try. The account is currently waiting for the DNS to propagate so they can verify me being legit and (both email confirm and SMS confirm before that, so they don't play around), and then I'll try as SMTP, as I've never created complicated API entries with CURL.

So the bottomline is I now know what the problems are, but need to test solutions. This s not just a fun job!